The cashless society is a con – and big finance is behind it

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You could write a cheque if your bank supported them?

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Depends what over the odds is! I pay £28 at RPB on Tib Street - but you do get a beer and banter!

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It still irritates me that as a society, we can’t get rid of cheques fully yet. In 2018 we were supposed to be cheque-less but the initiative was dropped in 2011. New banks now still have to build a process to cater for cheques, effort that could be exerted on another initiatives, not to mention freeing up resources for existing banks.

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Don’t forget postal orders!

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Cutting it a bit fine :joy::joy::joy:

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I don’t know what anyone else thinks but I’m not keen on the look or feel of the new plastic money. It feels pretend. When I was in the US I liked using dollars as their money fells substantial that fact the every note is the same size is also very pleasing! (Well at least the 1s, 5s, 10s, 20s and 50s are. Never had the pleasure of having a bigger note than that)

I know this seems a bit ridiculous but hey :man_shrugging:t2:

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I didn’t like them at first. But I have to say, I always split 20s when I get them now. They just feel grubby. :man_shrugging:


It’s strange what you get used to, isn’t it? Paper money feels a bit like ‘not real money’ now… And having notes of different denominations being the same size just feels odd (not to mention unhelpful for blind and partially sighted people :frowning:)


Never mind “cashless”, imagine being actually cashless and not even have it in your community …

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But wouldn’t they still have some kind of currency, like goods? So like they would be able to exchange tools or manual labor for food, and vice-versa? Or do they not have any kind of concept of money/currency at all? If so I’d be very curious to know how this kind of community can function, given that even thousands of years ago humans already had the exchange of goods/services to use as currency.

I guess if the tribe is small enough they could function as a family where everything belongs to everyone (so anyone can take/borrow it), but I would imagine this breaks down once they reach a certain population.

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Barter system or collectivism, all actions and items are for the good and use of all the community. That was the standard of isolated communities


I find it fascinating I can get masses of data around the world in seconds, whilst they live blissfully unaware. Do you think greed is actually a thing within the tribes ?

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Doesn’t that break down past a certain population, or if the members are spread far apart (where borrowing back a tool/good isn’t as easy as walking to the hut next door)?

Do you think greed is actually a thing within the tribes ?

That would be my other concern. Past a certain population it would be hard to keep track of who’s playing by the rules and who’s abusing the system (and if a “watchdog” is appointed, who would keep them accountable?).

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Yep. They’re human


Surely greed isn’t instinct, we’re here to love and care! :rainbow:

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They are generally hunter gatherer groups with limited agriculture living in close societies. The populations can’t get too big as the resources do not support it.

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Not sure I agree. The first instinct is to survive (especially true in this kind of precarious society), and being greedy would put you at an advantage as far as survival is concerned, so greed would IMO evolve as a natural trait unless artificial safeguards (penalties, etc) are put in place.

I guess the safeguard there would be the neighbours beating you down to death if they suspect any foul play.

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Survival of the individual is tied to the survival of the group though. All have their roles and if they don’t do them then everyone suffers. Greed to a certain point but not the same individualism we have in ‘developed’ society


It’s like a toddler with a piece of fruit and a animal Infront of them, I know which they’d eat first …

I’d hope that without this society driven hierarchy of always needing more and better, you wouldn’t instinctively want to take more than you need and leave others short or hurt. :frowning:
Maybe I’m the mad one.

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John Lennon was on your side :yum: