The Boden / Blomfield Saga

I think with a free Times account we’ll probably be able to read most of the interesting bits!


I have read the full thing.

Anne addresses this by explaining that Tom’s splinter business had the funding from Passion Capital, while Tom’s departure ensured that she was going to run out of money without being able to raise any (since she had no CTO and it would take time to find a new one, and time to find funding, and she needed to get a CTO first otherwise nobody would invest - this all added up to too much time and not enough money).

This is when she went back home to Marlow to think about what to do, as she felt like there was no obvious way forward - and it could have been the end of Starling.

All of this was obvious to the employees, and she says that Tom seized the opportunity to “sell” his new business to the other employees whilst she was not in the office.

It seems like that part is probably true, as if you were an employee you would want to work at the company which had funding - not the one which could be going bust within the week!


But not the rest of the story…

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I’m having more of a struggle deciding if I should be bothered joining a free trial of the times, than I did deciding if I should join premium.

I think I’ll get back to moaning about insurance.


Does anybody else think this looks really bad for tom?. He seems to want to portray a kind personality to the public, but the above actions seem very cut throat.



I have to say, I like Anne and want to believe that she isn’t totally lying - I don’t think she would do that.

But I also like Eileen and Tom too.

I believe that almost everything that they have all said is true, aside from minor details which may be slightly embellished or misremembered. Anne’s account seems basically accurate, based on what we already know in the public domain. It seems Tom was quite cutthroat, but then even Anne herself admits some naivety and says she should always have at least been aware that Tom might want to be CEO.

It does read as though Anne thought of Tom as a friend and that’s partly why she never thought he would stab her in the back. It’s easy to see why she regards it as a betrayal. But then Tom probably did just think “business is business”, and this sort of thing goes on in Silicon Valley all the time.

In terms of “was he fair to Anne?”, I would find myself siding with Anne as I’d like to think I wouldn’t have behaved the way Tom did.


I think you broke it down very well. The two main things that have actually made me switch from monzo to Starling now was the fact he tried to get her to take responsibility for the companies debt when she agreed to resign and the fact he seemed to do a lot of this stuff on the sly, and not to Anne’s face.

Trying to stick her with the debt after she sold her house while making her resign from the company really doesn’t sit well with me. I could never do that.


I know this might be contentious, but I don’t think that rumour and gossip about founders, one of whom isn’t even CEO any more, really should have that much bearing on where I bank.


Frankly I am outraged with any bank who doesn’t cook enough chicken for a sunday roast. Or too much chicken. I still haven’t read the article All I know is there is chicken involved somewhere.


This story was going to surface eventually, but I must say, I can’t get worked up over it.

Inevitably, this thread will consist of conjecture about the facts followed by conjecture over the motivations.

Frankly, the narrative might be interesting as a magazine article, but a book? Not so much.

I’ll wait for the DVD…


That’s entirely your opinion, and I respect that. For me, whenever I read something like this, I always wonder how many other people has he done stuff like this to… The disturbing Glassdoor reviews have a lot of upvotes which don’t paint a pretty picture of life at monzo as well.

I doubt there will be a huge number of CASS switches from monzo to Starling now, but I definitely trust what’s coming out of Anne Boden’s mouth a lot more than Tom’s now.


Pretty much everything on this discussion forum is personal opinion (as are Glassdoor reviews :smirk:).


A Sunday roast as a work lunch? Terrible idea.

That’s the opposite of what a Sunday roast should be. Family or friends, lots of food, lots of wine and not a thought about work for the lazy afternoon.




Aha - the game’s afoot !

Joanna Scanlan (also good with shawls)
Damian Lewis ?


That looks like every BBQ I’ve tried this year, the only difference being the chicken isn’t black and still smouldering.

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Wonder if they did the washing-up together?:thinking:

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I see that @simonb is writing a long post

These days it’s not us in trouble!


I’d just like to point out that you:

A) Are speaking as if what you read is the truth, rather than a subjective take.

B) Registered on this forum 6 hours ago and have only ever posted in this thread.

I remain unconvinced that anyone would switch banks based on a snippet of a book written by someone who objectively has an axe to grind.

Guerilla PR is outdated. People tend to prefer honesty these days.


Oh yeah… duur :smirk: