The Big Monzo Plus FAQ

Unrelated to this thread but your profile tag line made me chuckle :speak_no_evil:

Thanks! Thought I’d have a laugh with it

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There is of course an element of truth too :wink:

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When are we getting an update on Monzo Plus? It’s been a while?

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Remember the days when the community decided that communication was the problem and demanded weekly updates, leading to a load of waffle every week just for the sake of it?

Fun times.


And then the community decided that too much communication was also the issue so said they only want updates when there’s something substantial

Given the amount of time that has passed and the discoveries in the Android teardown topic I think an update would be nice though


Its only been a month, is that too long to wait?


Has it only? Seems much longer… weird. Work just completely blurs my concept of time.

While at uni I had terms and breaks. Now I just have Mondays to Fridays and what seems like five seconds of weekend :sweat_smile:


I feel your pain. Christmas seems like a lifetime ago! :sweat_smile:

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Hi this is my first post. I have not been with monzo very long, but have had two similar banks (Starling, N26 for over a year). IMO, Monzo takes the edge with the UI layout. Anyway, here are some of the things I’d like to see implempted for a “plus” or “premium/Elite” account or even just the free account.

I understand some of these things may be difficult to develop. However I think if you guys can somehow pull it off then it would be amazing.

obviously not every point I exepect to be added.

  1. An interest percentage on the card account - Similar to Starling
  2. The ability to pay out of bills pots - card payments (perhaps by generating a virtual card if possible).
    (This would be able to completly isolate your subscriptions and direct debits away from your actual spending money.)
  3. The ability to select a pot as an active payment pot so funds are deducted first from the pot rather than the main account balance. For example, having a drinks pot for the weekend or a christmas gift pot.
  4. A dark mode for the UI
  5. Different cashback options. Not just retailer specific but perhaps something like 1-2% cashback on one big shop a month from £50-£200
  6. A choice of a metal card.
  7. choices or options for phone and or travel insurance.
  8. 1 free coffee every month from starbucks or costa
  9. Graph Options for spending over time.
  10. Map features. Such as an interactive map you can zoom in to see all of the places you have used the card to to help you better understand a transaction.
  11. Native google assisstant support for transferring funds between pots, freezing the card, asking about your budgets and going straight to the split payment screen with someone.
  12. Option to include rounding up payments amount to summary screen. For example (spending £4.40 on a train ticket, 60p goes into the pot so summary screen takes away £5 from the budget guideline.

A few things i’d like to see going forward or added into a paid account. Opinions?


I think there’s 2 on that list I think might be in the new plus

On Android at least, there’s a map on each transaction and a full interactive map of all transactions in the personal details page :slight_smile:

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That moment when you ask yourself when did I go to France… Then you remember you are a gamer :joy:



I actually didn’t know about that. It’s fairly hidden away. But great none the less. Needs a lot of improvements though. Would be great if we could add pins to the map for transactions that don’t include map data and perhaps a timeline which could we could slide to see purchases in the order in which they were made, throughout the day/week. - Would get a better insight on how and where exactly you are spending the most amount of money.

Also the map visually could do with some updates.

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this at some point in the past Plus discussions, but I really hope the payments for the upcoming version can be included in committed spending in Summary.
V1 didn’t have this, which always seemed odd - Monzo built the committed spend feature but then didn’t make their own subscription payments work with it.
Maybe V2 was different? I didn’t have it.

I think it was just a fun little project that they did and it is unlikely to be iterated on. Mainly because they are at the mercy of what data the merchant sends them, which is why some are in the middle of the ocean etc.