The Big Monzo Community "2022 in Review" Poll!

We need more results!

I look back on this year’s logo change, and still I wonder, why…?


That logo was way too close to

for comfort.

That said, I wish I had a Mondo Alpha card!


Our Next Update: Who will prevail? Who will be cruely cast aside?

1. Best Monzo Launch (UK)

Previously, on the Big 2022 in Review Poll, we had ten launches fall aside with zero votes. Sadness!

Today, we have seven launches with just one vote. Including one of mine! :scream:

  • Borrow more on top of your Monzo loan
  • Connected Mortgages in Labs
  • Exclude categories in Trends
  • Increasing Flex limits
  • Sainsbury’s Bank in Connected Accounts
  • Samsung Pay!
  • Year view in Trends

I speak only for myself when I say that Year View in Trends getting only one vote (from me, obvs) is a travesty! It’s a small thing, but it’s fundamentally changed how I use Trends and has added so much value to the product. I feel very sad it’s languishing near the bottom!

2. Best Monzo Launch (US)

Fewer options to vote for in the US, but our penultimate placing gets two whole votes (twice that yearly view in Trends got in the UK - I’m still not over that!):

  • Tip Calculator!

A lovely bit of Monzo Magic for the US market - slightly reminiscent of the quality of life stuff that Monzo would build in the early days in the UK. But this rounds out the US-specific functionality in this poll, both of them at the bottom! I’m still blaming there not being enough US folks around these parts - more folks from across the pond needed! Now, I wonder if we can get Tip Calculator in the UK app for when we go to the States (or visit other places where tips are kinda mandatory)?

Just four launches left on the list for the US - the next two have four and six votes respectively!

3. Best Community Moment

Another draw! Two more revealed under the spoiler tag…

Maybe the Community is feeling guilty at all the requests for @jackcully emojis? And with the CASS switching maybe it’s recency bias, given it was a while ago now? And we don’t CASS every day, so maybe it’s just that it’s not high in our consciousness? By the way, for our US friends and others, CASS is the Current Account Switching Service - it let’s you move bank account keeping all your direct debits and standing orders in place, and redirecting funds from your old account. It’s kinda cool.

I also feel moved to say that coming towards the bottom of this list isn’t failure - this is the short list so represents the best community moments of the year, so anything on it is already a winner!

4. Most Suffering Monzonaut

Okay, embargo lifted! :tada:

Who’s definitely not the most suffering Monzonaut? Coming last in the poll is…

This is excellent news because all I can read into it is that being mistaken for me is no bad thing! :joy: Onwards!

5. Best Community Engagement

Embargoes falling left right and centre! :tada:

But this one breaks my (hot coral) heart :broken_heart:

Coming last (say it isn’t so) on the shortlist of community excellence, is…

  • The Paid Team :cry: :cry: :cry:

No!!! These are really one of my favourite teams. The folks behind Trends, Connected Accounts and all sorts of other fun stuff are out. I’m gutted. Just remember this was a short list of excellence - you still one of da best!

Anyway, a special shout-out to @avb @tjvr @RoreEricaOkoh and the whole team for your efforts. Chapeau! :cowboy_hat_face: :bowing_man:

6. Most Anticipated New Feature

The @davidwalton award for corporate espionage gathers pace! A few to get through here, so we’ll reveal a couple today…

Previously, we had position 10 shared as Get Paid Early in the US and Full Roll Out of Connected Accounts in the UK. What about positions 7 and 8?

Coming 8th (with 2 votes):

  • Change Your Flex Payment Date (UK)

Coming 7th (with 3 votes):

  • Joint Accounts (US)

Two more to go with single digit percentage votes, then onto the big stuff!

5. Best Mondzo Logo

With 6% of the vote, we have the classic :monzo: Monzo logo, Mondo style!

It’s pretty similar to the Monzo version - does that mean that one will be next? :thinking:

I’m off to shed a tear and comfort the Paid Team. More tomorrow!


Jeez America is messed up, isn’t it?




TBH, if the same team is responsible for all those things, they need a better name.

Trends stuff has been good, but in my mind that’s a completely separate thing from Plus/Premium, or should be?

But when I think of the paid team I think of Plus and Premium, and post launch it’s been a bit crap, which is why they didn’t get my vote. Even in the run up to improving the virtual card functionality, there was little in the way of engagement, and then following it. Plus and Premium need some love, especially with US customers seemingly getting the features for free as standard as they’re made available there, which leaves me with a bit of a sour taste.

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Update 3/5: Getting to the sharp end…

1. Best Monzo Launch (UK)

Previously, on the Big 2022 in Review Poll, we’ve eliminated 17 launches!

Today, we eliminate five more…

With 2 votes:

  • New Day cards in Connected Accounts (Labs)
  • Targets (Budgets!) in Trends

With 3 votes:

  • Starling Bank in Connected Accounts (Labs)

  • Balance Tab (new Pulse!) in Trends

With 4 votes:

  • Trends graphs for all

2. Best Monzo Launch (US)

With four votes…

  • Connected Accounts via Plaid!

3. Best Community Moment

Just one today. It was a late entrant, but it was a good one! In 6th place we have…


4. Most Suffering Monzonaut

Coming in an honourable fourth in the Most Suffering Monzonaut category is (are?)…

5. Best Community Engagement

Who thought this category was a good idea?! Next one for heartbreak (despite putting in an exceptional effort is)…

  • The US Team :monzo_usa:

I’m all out of love, I’m so lost without you. Ahem! :broken_heart: Special shout-out to @lincoln @while-loop, @denisewong, @thomasm and the whole team for your efforts. Bravo! :us: :bowing_man:

6. Most Anticipated New Feature

Live footage there of the spycraft that went into getting this list. Ahem. Onwards.

Previously, we had position 10 shared as Get Paid Early in the US and Full Roll Out of Connected Accounts in the UK, 8 as Change Your Flex Payment Date (UK), and 7 as Full US Joint account roll out :tada:

What next?

Coming 6th (with 4 votes):

  • Separate Feed and/or place for Flex in Trends (UK)

Coming 5th (with 5 votes):

  • Combined feed!

5. Best Monzdo Logo

Under Embargo :eyes:

That’s all for today. Tune in tomorrow for the next reveal, after which we’ll know our finalists!


Update 4/5: Semi Finals!

1. Best Monzo Launch (UK)

Previously, on the Big 2022 in Review Poll, we’ve eliminated 22 launches!

Today, we eliminate six :six:

With 4 votes:

  • The Balance Tab in Trends

With 5 votes:

  • Merchant View in Trends

  • Flex six month interest free promo

With 6 votes:

  • Neon Cards

With 7 votes:

  • Flex Virtual Card

With 8 votes:

  • View your CVC in the app!

2. Best Monzo Launch (US)

With six votes…

  • Trends for the US!

3. Best Community Moment

Two have drawn with seven votes today. In joint 4th place, we have…

4. Most Suffering Monzonaut

In third place, one of many entries for this particular Monzonaut…

5. Best Community Engagement

Three left: Flex (will the last minute intervention by @TheoGibson pay dividends?), the Community Team and the App Evolution team. All very strong candidates, but who has fallen at the (near) final hurdle?

  • It’s the App Evolution team :cry:

*What can I say? Amazing shift by @emmag, @leepethers and team. We’re clearly loving your work - and long may it continue in 2023 :tada:

6. Most Anticipated New Feature

Only four left… Who will leave us today? It is…

Coming 4th (with 11 votes):

  • Monzo rebrand in the app

5. Best Monzdo Logo

Three left! And in third place we have…

The new Monzo logo!

Final results are tomorrow - and finalists to be revealed below! :point_down:


The balance tab was robbed.

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Finalists revealed!

Best Monzo Launch UK :uk:

  • Flex available for all
  • Flex takes first instalment next month, not immediately
  • Overview (new Home Screen) in Labs

Best Monzo Launch US :us:

  • Joint Account Beta
  • Monzo US Exits Beta

Best Community Moment

Most Suffering Monzonaut

It’s an @AlanDoe vs @jackcully head-to-head!

Best Community Engagement

  • @TheoGibson and the Flex team!
  • The App Evolution Team
  • The Community Team

Most Anticipated New Feature

  • Flex physical card
  • Full roll out of the Overview home page
  • Investments in Monzo

Best Logo

It’s another head-to-head, this time between classic Monzo :monzo: and Hot Coral Monzo!


You missed the finalists for community engagement!

Do you have a vendetta against @TheoGibson or something? :joy:



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It’s because you’re green, Theo. He would never do this to @tjvr


It’s final time!

Without further ado, here are the results of the Monzo Community Jury:

1. Best Monzo Launch UK :uk:

  • :1st_place_medal: Flex available for all
  • :2nd_place_medal: Flex takes first instalment next month, not immediately
  • :3rd_place_medal: Overview (new Home Screen) in Labs

@TheoGibson and team romp home with a convincing one-two knock out. @emmag and @leepethers put in a compelling third placed, albeit last minute, entry for the new home screen though!

Huge contracts to both teams :muscle:


2. Best Monzo Launch US :us:

  • :1st_place_medal: Monzo US Exits Beta!

  • :2nd_place_medal: Joint Account Beta

It could never be anything else could it?! Monzo’s first (of many?) international expansion went live in 2022.

And then made the UK folk sad by powering through to joint accounts, too. It got so bad I had to Monzo @davidwalton some money for a comfort animal.

US seems to be powering through. Really keen to see what happens in 2023 and the States :eyes:

3. Best Community Moment

Could never really be anything else, could it? Everyone loves a freebie. But more multi-launch days please, that was fab! And closing the circle on that early homepage design was a class act

4. Most Suffering Monzonaut

We turn to the @AlanDoe vs @jackcully grudge match. Who wins?

It’s Alan! Thanks Alan for everything you do around these parts! And well done Jack. I think the restraining order worked wonders!

5. Best Community Engagement

  • :1st_place_medal: @TheoGibson and the Flex team!
  • :2nd_place_medal: The App Evolution Team
  • :3rd_place_medal: The Community Team

It’s @TheoGibson and team! A glorious and well deserved win, but again contested hotly by @emmag, @leepethers and folk.

Given how I’ve treated @TheoGibson during the course of this poll, he was very nearly also the a late entrant and automatic winner for Most Suffering Monzonaut.

Sorry for all of that Theo and Team - it definitely was not on purpose! Loving your work :hot_coral_heart:

6. Most Anticipated New Feature

  • :1st_place_medal: Investments in Monzo
  • :2nd_place_medal: Flex physical card
  • :3rd_place_medal: Full roll out of the Overview home page

Sadly, Theo didn’t quite make it the hat-trick! But investments seems mysterious and interesting… We haven’t heard from the deep-under-cover investments team on here yet, so here’s hoping that they’ll break cover (and compete for Best Community Engagement in 2023).

And yes, I think we’re all looking forward to getting physical!

7. Best Logo

:1st_place_medal: Classic Monzo! :monzo:

:2nd_place_medal: Hot coral Monzo!

Finally a massive thank you to everyone on here, and everyone at Monzo. It’s been a cracking year! Prizes (such as they aren’t) may or may not be coming in the new year!

And well done to all the finalists and prize-winners. You da best!

PS, I’ll unhide the original thread with the votes in, and merge this one into it, tomorrow.


Well deserved! :partying_face:


It really was!

Now, how do I find the right GOATTT (Greatest of All Twenty Twenty-Two) meme to celebrate?! :goat: :tada:


I feel like there should be an award for best poll maker of 2022 - but not sure who would win it :wink:

Very honoured! Shout out to the rest of the rest of the team @Antonio_A @TomMills @iankent!

Very excited for 2023 - I’m most anticipating a new feature that isn’t even on the list :soon: :crossed_fingers:




How you tease us so! :hot_coral_heart: