The 1p saving challenge!

(Dafydd Thomas) #83

I would love to see something like this. Ideally, I’d love to have the ability to “program” my pots, like a software engineer full of if statements and calculations, maybe even to do something on context e.g. If Spend at MdDonalds, then transfer £5 to food swear jar.

Weird example, but you probably get what I mean. :stuck_out_tongue:


I wrote a quick twitter bot that tweets every day how much to save :sunglasses: and how much you should have saved by now, if you need to catch up. Let me know what you think!

(Only available in amateur ) #85

Brilliant :heart_eyes:

I like the backwards saving total, means by December you don’t have to put so much in. Might do that one next year :thinking:

(Richard Cook) #86

Great stuff! Just shared that on Twitter :hot_coral_heart:


Ah brill, thank you!

(Pete Mallam) #88

What I like about this is the idea of incentivising saving money, sort of like gamification of your bank account. In today’s world that makes perfect sense! I like the idea of little in-app challenges to help me keep on top of my money, even save up.


If I started today how much should I have in a pot :eyes:

Edit: I’ve just seen that brill twitter bot :metal::metal::metal:


Kerrching! Happy £100.11 to those of you that started the 1p challenge on the first of Jan!

Quick Sneak Peak (sorry) of the 365Saving app :fire: - it’s a really simple one to keep track of how much you need to put in each day, and you can start your savings challenge on any day of the year :smiley:

It’s nearly ready for a very early release. I really could do with some willing guinea pigs - please DM me here or at if you’d like to help me get it ready for use. Thank you!

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #91

I’m showing £98.40?

(Only available in amateur ) #92

The chart you posted way back showed you added a penny a day for the first 20 days instead of the other way which is adding a penny a day from the beginning.
Think if you add that in it adds to the screen shot total

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #93

Nah it was a penny a day so we are on day 141?

*Image from last post

(Only available in amateur ) #94

Yeah, £1.41 today. You’re still gonna have loads by the end of the year :woman_shrugging:

(Richard Cook) #95

You might have seen the news about our IFTTT integration yesterday!

One of the applets we’ve pre-built for it is the 1p savings challenge! Check it out!

(And there’s also one for the £1 weekly savings challenge too).

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #96

Works well no notification and the first time was at 08:01


Here’s the reverse version of the IFTTT recipe :wink:


If i activated this now, would it start now and end in a year’s time, or will it start as if we’re already part-way through the calendar year & then end December 30 2018?

(Tony) #99

As I understand it, it will start mid-way.


If you activate it now, it will add £1.60 to your pot tomorrow.

(Peter Roberts) #101

How did you make it?

(Grant MacGregor) #102

In case anyone is still to sign up with Chip, please use my sign-up code when joining:


Thanks in advance! :grin: