TestFlight version vs. App Store version

Not sure if this has been discussed already (or if this is the right place to mention it) but I have just updated the TestFlight version and now I am being prompted to install the AppStore version.

What happens if install the Appstore version will this distrust the TestFlight installations in any way?
I presume that if I install the App Store release it should just get overwritten next time there is a TestFlight version BUT I seem to recall having issues around this the previous time it happened so I wanted to check before proceeding.

Also will I loose anything by installing the App Store version (e.g. the Travel report sneak peek)?

Many thanks


Hi Joe! App Store and TestFlight can happily be installed over the top of one another (although downgrading from TestFlight to App Store will require you to log in again).

Travel reports are set on the server side, so will work fine on either App Store or TestFlight :earth_africa:

Could you clarify what you mean when you say you’re being prompted? Which TestFlight app version are you running currently (or, roughly when did you last install from TestFlight)?

Bear in mind that TestFlight builds don’t update automatically, they require manually downloading each version!

Sorry for the slow reply. And thank you for the response.
Actually I made a mistake - I was being prompted to update my TestFlight version not the Mondo app itself (I must have glanced at it and immediately thought ‘Monzo update’ so apologies for the confusion).

Thank you for the clarification re Travel reports too.


Resurrecting a very old thread here…

What is the difference these days between the TestFlight app and the public app?

Very little difference except the fact that the build comes through a day or two earlier. Although as most things are released through feature flags, this makes little difference…

One thing is you’re unable to add the card to Apple Pay through the app on TestFlight. Apple requires a manual add through wallet unless it’s an App Store build.


The testflight version crashes on startup for me, although app store version works fine.

This seems to be an iPhone XR thing as testflight apps of Emma and Freetrade are also crashing on startup, anyone else?

Only had it with Slack myself

I’ve not had a testflight update again this week, I’m still on 2.19 anyone else the same?

TestFlight wasn’t updated due to some issues. The latest version is on the AppStore 2.20. TestFlight is due to be updated next week and resume normal service

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