Tesco - potential double charge

Hmm… another day…another tesco/google pay problem. might have to stop using google pay (happy with monzo).

Used google pay in tesco. Got a message on the till something like “contactless not available - enter card and type pin” so I did so and it worked. But within monzo (there’s nothing in the google pay app) I can see two transactions for the same amount 1 minute apart. I selected one and tried to reverse it (i found the wording here very confusing) and got told to use chat, then got told there was an hour delay but they did get back to me saying essentially they’d reversed it but tesco might un-reverse it in which case I’d have to contact tesco. To be honest, I don’t really want to contact tesco - it would have been easier to use cash. I thought when I was asked to enter the card and enter the pin it was one of those “1 in n” checks I’d read they sometimes do. But why would it show twice? Could google pay have something to do with this? Clearly I couldn’t enter the google pay card. And this time, the receipt shows the monzo number whereas with google pay it normally shows the google pay debit card number.

I had the exact same issue just three weeks ago, I got the “contactless not available” after I tried tapping my Monzo card, so did it again with chip and pin, I didn’t even notice I was charged twice until a week later I received a random refund from Tesco.

I didn’t have to do anything, so hopefully, Tesco won’t reverse the reverse charge - it looks like they might be having issues with Monzo maybe… I’m just glad someone (or some machine) noticed I was double-charged somewhere.


This seems to be a Tesco thing. I had it a few weeks back, and I see it talked about quite regularly on here.

Same as @pcantellow - I didn’t have to do anything and it eventually just refunded itself.

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Can’t remember exactly what happened, but the double charge was auto refunded for me.

The same here except just plain contactless no Google pay at first.

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I’ve had this happen before in Tesco’s too. I’m sure this is a Tesco thing. I used Google Pay but don’t normally have any issues with Google Pay

Mine also auto refunded after a week. It was only a pound or so so I didn’t bother trying to reverse it myself but would have if it was a weekly shop or something

Part of the problem is Tesco & part Monzo

Tesco = mess up transaction so it gets tried again

Monzo = The way Monzo handle Authorisations / any request for payment is shown as a line
in your feed so if anything gose wrong and the shop askes again then Monzo will add it again and also take it off the available balance.

the shop in vertialy all cases only take the one payment so the other Authorisations will fall off 7 days later (Monzo show this as a refund) but its not its just the first Authorisations not being claimed.

I have this all the time using the Petrol Station and paying with Pay.

I just tend to drop a message in chat asking them to revert the first payment for me.

Every time I just use Pay again, and it goes through fine second time.

I’ve had this happen a couple of times in Tesco.

Of the two transactions, one will say ‘Pending’ at the bottom. This one will automatically drop off after a week or so.

If you need to contact COps to get a reversal sooner, you need to make sure you apply for the reversal on the ‘Pending’ transaction. If Tesco un-reverse it (unlikely to happen) then the reason that you have to contact Tesco is because it is their mistake, not Monzo’s. If that were to happen, they’re the ones who’ve taken your money twice. Not Monzo.

I had the same thing on Friday at tesco. Not seen the refund yet…

Only been two days for you, and not even working days at that.

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The chap in the shop told me a couple of hours but good to know it should come back still.

I had a very bad experience with this recently. In the past 2 weeks, 3 separate contactless payments (iphone+Monzo) failed in Tesco Superstore (Cambridge) self-checkout tills, despite my card being charged and I had to attempt a second time, this time being successful, thus having double payments for a substantial amount.
When I haven’t been refunded by Tesco after 2 weeks I contacted their customer support team and the weirdest thing was that the finance team couldn’t locate my transactions with my card number on the specified dates and store! Like I never used my card in that store. Also, for the failed transactions the self-checkout tills don’t even give a receipt. But they couldn’t even locate the second successful transaction either!
Contacting Monzo support yesterday, they quickly solved my problem by refunding the ‘failed’ transactions (BIG KUDOS for Monzo for the help!), nevertheless, the whole experience made me super upset, because it damaged my confidence in the contactless payment (I almost never use cash). So watch out guys! I will never step into a Tesco store again that’s fore sure.