(Gareth) #1

Thinking far off; for common saving/budgeting goals or concepts: a template would wizard you though the steps, then set up and manage any pot(s), internal transfers and targets automatically.

The yearly template would create a yearly pot, check your annual expenses and create a monthly transfer.
Similarly a bills template would separate and manage your bills in a pot.
The holiday template would ask how much you need to save (and which currency), and when you want to go on holiday.
The emergency fund template tries to raise and keep X months expenses or £x as a buffer. This could be a marked default pot to use to avoid overdrawn charges.
The YNAB template sets up a system ready for integrating/mirror with YNAB software.
The first car template lists the various costs for you to factor in and prepares something to help you save for both learning and buying the car.
Monzo/the community could write additional templates as thought of.

Sorry if this is a repeat of something similar.