"Technical limitation" with card pot payments now a premium feature

This is really annoying. When Monzo first started we were told that we couldn’t have card payments directly from pots due to technical limitations. Now they are being allowed - but only to premium members. :angry:

Plans change, if you don’t like it, there’s plenty other banks to deflect to. They’ve got to make money somehow, this is just one way to make it.


So they worked hard and overcame those technical limitations :thinking:

I never saw Monzo mentioning that they would offer this service for free and since it’s “nice to have” it’s fitting that it’s a chargeable extra. Not everything can be free.


I’m able to do this with Plus, so it’s not just exclusive to Premium.

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I don’t recall that, but it could have been true back then.

They are running a freemium model now, though, so when sought after features are developed, there’s a good chance they’ll appear for Plus/Premium customers.

If I take this title literally, there was a technical limitation because a pot isn’t an account. So a pot is a ‘source’ to feed only the main account for payments as required (the Bills Pots feature). But Bills pots can’t work with CPA’s because Monzo isn’t alerted to when the CPA is to be taken.

However, the use of Virtual Cards which are accounts - available on paid tiers - can be fed by pots too, so a pot can now feed the main account or any Virtual Card. And Virtual Cards can be used as the payment source for CPA’s. The Bills pots feature basically now supports Virtual Cards too. But the pots themselves still can’t pay because of the technical limitation of them not being an account.

All makes sense to me and a very clever workaround to have a CPA paid from a pot - and in a secure way too - your actual main account details are never revealed. Worth a Plus/Premium subscription I’d say.

Unless you use a Joint Account that is…


“Somebody needs to pay to keep Monzo afloat. Just not me.”


It still does not work with your main physical card. It only works with newly created virtual cards (not even existing virtual cards work). So I fear technical limitations are still there from making it dynamic. And virtual cards feature is part of plus/premium.

It seems that flex is open to all, and it is sort of a virtual card pot with a credit line. So maybe in the future even free users will be able to sort of do this via Flex.

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Does this work with joint accounts? It would be a very useful feature for paying subscriptions that all come our joint account

Sadly not.