Tax resident in

i want to create an account on monzo, but I’m pretty unsure what to choose at this question:

please select all the countries outside the UK that you are a tax resident in

I moved from Germany to the UK 3weeks ago. I have a taxpayer identification number from Germany and I’m still registered in Germany, but now my permanent residence will be in the UK. What do I have to choose? Germany and the UK, just Germany or just the UK?

You should choose UK because I don’t think Germany requires you to pay tax on income while working in UK.
Of course if you have property and assets in Germany then you could be liable to pay taxes there as well.

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Thanks for your fast answer. As I know, Germany and the UK have a Double taxation agreement and I didn’t paid in Germany taxes before (I was student and I didn’t work). I’m not sure, if I’m tax resident in Germany to the end of the year cause I wasn’t in the UK for more us 183days. I just don’t want to do anything wrong :sweat_smile: .

Unless you’ve earn’t something in Germany this year, I wouldn’t worry about it anyway, just put the UK.