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I want to create an account on Monzo, but they ask me my tax residencies. The thing is I am in UK as a French student for an internship (which will be paid).
Back in France I don’t have tax residencies because I still live with my parents.
What should I put as an answer ? My parents tax residencies in France ?

Thanks in advance.


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I would imagine you’d just put France if you’re a French citizen and resident and are just here temporarily, but that is purely a guess so don’t take my word for it.

@thomas, while unable to give people individual tax advice for obvious reasons, was helping clarify things for people if the wording wasn’t clear or such on another thread so I’m not sure if he could clear matters up for you.



Tax residency basically means the country or countries that you currently have to pay income tax in - so basically which government collects the tax for your internship - and if its the UK, do you still also need to tell the French authorities?


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Thanks for your answers !
I did some researches and apparently I am still à tax resident in France, bacause I stay in UK for 4 months.
The thing is on the app they ask my income tax reference which I don’t have because I was living in my parents house…


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If France is anything like the U.K. then your tax reference number won’t have anything to do with where you live or who you live with. I have no direct knowledge of the French tax system, however.

Edit: It looks like something you need to apply for when working in France. In your situation, of course, that doesn’t help.


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Unfortunately I can’t offer much help here. It’s down to @clairemng to read up on France’s tax rules, and answer the question to the best of their ability.