Tax residency


I want to create an account on Monzo, but they ask me my tax residencies. The thing is I am in UK as a French student for an internship (which will be paid).
Back in France I don’t have tax residencies because I still live with my parents.
What should I put as an answer ? My parents tax residencies in France ?

Thanks in advance.

Tax residency basically means the country or countries that you currently have to pay income tax in - so basically which government collects the tax for your internship - and if its the UK, do you still also need to tell the French authorities?

Thanks for your answers !
I did some researches and apparently I am still à tax resident in France, bacause I stay in UK for 4 months.
The thing is on the app they ask my income tax reference which I don’t have because I was living in my parents house… Screenshot_20190410-175840

If France is anything like the U.K. then your tax reference number won’t have anything to do with where you live or who you live with. I have no direct knowledge of the French tax system, however.

Edit: It looks like something you need to apply for when working in France. In your situation, of course, that doesn’t help.

Unfortunately I can’t offer much help here. It’s down to @clairemng to read up on France’s tax rules, and answer the question to the best of their ability.


Is it possible to open a Monzo account if you’re not resident in the UK for tax purposes?