Tax estimator

Sales tax can vary greatly between states, counties, even towns / cities.

Tax rates also differ depending on the item.

For example in some places Subway untoasted is considered a grocery item, taxed at 0% but toasted it is a restaurant item.

Clothes in some states are taxed, other states have no tax at all.

For example the tax in Los Angeles is different than the neighbouring Orange County.

Given the fact sales tax is added at the till it would be good if Monzo could help us estimate tax before deciding on a purchase so we can stay in budget.

One of the more weird American things… I actually had to calculate the sales tax on my phone when I was in a Duane Reade a couple of years ago so I could get the exact change ready (which then confused the checkout operator, as they thought a couple of silver dollars were quarters).

This’ll be useful not only for US customers, but UK ones visiting the US (though it might be better off as a standalone system, really).

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Thanks for sharing this article.

Which article? :eyes:

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I like this idea but it would be very tricky to build and maintain this given the differing discrepancies across each State (dear America, sometimes acting like one big country is a good thing!).

How many variations are there per state? And how would the app know ahead of time if, in your example, you’d specified toasted or untoasted bread with your Subway? My brain is already getting confused just thinking about it.