Custom reports on statements for taxes

Thanks I love my Monzo as every bank in the UK seems to think a half-assed website from 1990 is OK for users. One thing that would win me over 100% is if Monzo had a mobile+web enabled reporting engine with custom/community reports. For example I’m American and every year I need to report the maximum and ending balances in all foreign accounts (in USD). Getting even simple statements from all of my UK banks seems like pulling teeth. I love the transaction export Monzo has but a custom report on balances (which isn’t included in transaction reports) would be perfection. If I could set up my own reports such that every year I could just hit a button and get my maximum balances for the year, I would dump every other bank I could and go all Monzo.


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Is this the case for all Americans working abroad?

If so, this sounds like a relatively easy feature for Monzo to build for its American users (ie: the feature would only appear if you’ve put the USA as a tax residency.

Yes this is the case for all Americans living/working abroad.

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Hence why I believe, Boris Johnson, who is actually an American by birth and did live there, gave up his American citizenship, for tax reasons I think:

I found this post because I’m also struggling to have statement from Monzo on the interests I’ve earned from my Savings Investec Pot.
Apparently my needs are different from @boeroboy, I would need a statement with the earnings from the fiscal year as my country tax service where I have my tax residency demands.
I’m still waiting an answer from Monzo chat support.:unamused: