And once full accounts launch hopefully you can categorise money in as well. That way you’d be able to see how much in expenses you’re awaiting reimbursement on.

(Alex Sherwood) #153

That would be useful, there’s been a little bit of discussion about this idea here -


I think it would be good to be able to set weekly and daily targets as well as monthly targets.

Is this functionality already on the cards?

(Alex Sherwood) #155

I agree! It certainly is on the way :tada:

& it looks like it might be coming soon :eyes:

Targets - Custom Timeframes 5
(Christian William Ogden Davies) #156

WAHOOOO, i would love to be able to tie in my spending period with my payday on the 25th of every month

(Alex Sherwood) #157

Bad news :grimacing: that’s not quite the same thing. The feature Zander was talking about there was setting your spending period to weekly, rather than monthly, for example.

But I asked about enabling users to set the start of the month to a different day, rather than the 1st & this was the feedback -


I take Zander’s post about fully customisable spending periods to mean you’ll be able to set the start and end dates of a period, so you could set the start date to the 25th and end date to 24th. They key word being fully.

(Thomas McConaghie) #159

I know this was posted a few months ago but also wanted to raise rollover targets as an option. Holidays are a perfect case in point. There are a few things that cost more at different times of the year and having at least an option to switch on budget rollover would be awesome!

(Emma) #160

Is there any update on when changes to targets and budgeting will next be introduced? I know the trello board says medium term, so next 3-6 months, but this was added in May 2016, which would have made 6 months January 2017. I keep coming back to the forum to see if there’s any updates on the things that irritate me (e.g. receiving money from friends and this not affecting my targets, not being able to set my spending periods, not being able to edit categories) and I see the response is usually “soon” or a link to the Trello board, but when the Trello board seems to be out of date, I’m not sure where to turn for an update - any ideas?

p.s. this isn’t a moan, I am 100% a massive Monzo fan :tada:

(Alex Sherwood) #161

It sounds like you want to spread some targets over several months? In which case, would the option to be able to customise the period that a target covers (which is on the way) work for you?

(Alex Sherwood) #162

As far as I know, the Trello board is still up to date. I think the original plan was to make the changes within 6 months of May 2016 but as that got delayed (probably because of the launch of the bank / current accounts), you can now expect the changes within the next 3-6 months. Or a least, that’s what Tristan (who’s mostly responsible for the roadmap), has said.

I’m hoping that this particular issue will be resolved when the new bill splitting functionality is launched, which is due (I hate to say it now)…soon :grimacing:

(Emily) #163

Sorry if i’ve missed something - but what about weekly targets? So say £150 a week and be able to budget through that? I would find that really useful?

(Alex Sherwood) #164

That feature’s on the way, we might even have it soon :tada: -

Here’s one of the early designs for it -

(P Burrows) #165

this would be awesome! i get paid on the 18th of the month so it would be nice to customise what defines a month for me!


I would love to see something that would allow me to budget for one off items/occasions within the month.

So I have £x remaining this month but I know that I have a night out and a gift to come out of that, they’re not bills, they’re not things I have to save for and they’re not weekly/monthly targets.

Just a way of allocating my disposable income in a ad hoc manner so I can see what’s left after :slight_smile:

(Ross Harrison) #167

I noticed this too, so I was glad to see you mention it!

(Charlotte) #168

Hi, I just wanted to ask if it would be possible to be able to start your month on a different date? Payday isn’t always the beginning or end of the month - for me it’s the 25th - so it would be great to be able to start the month on the 25th. Allowing people to set their month start date will really help with budgeting.

Also, I agree with the idea of weekly & daily budgeting, as long as you can choose the “start” date of your month.

Also, I love this app/card, it’s awesome!

Thanks x



I read somewhere here that customisable target timeframes are coming and I was just wondering if there’s an ETA for them? Recently got my card and started using it, but got paid just before the bank holiday weekend, spent a load of cash then, but now we’re in June so it’s completely forgotten. It’s screwed up my budgeting for this pay period now.

Hope to see this feature coming soon!

(Customer of Lloyds Banking Group, plc) #170

No exact time frame, other than when the Current Accounts arrive which is due late summer 2017.


Are there any plans to be able to set custom dates to Targets as per the original plan (image below)?
I get paid on the 26th of every month, unless it falls on a weekend in which case it changes to the preceding working day. I would love to be able to customise my Targets’ range to consider this!