Targets - Month progress Bar

(Antoine A.) #1

I’ve tried the target feature and it’s pretty neat.
One thing which might be very usufull and visual, would be to see the progress bar of the month. It’s easy to do, doesn’t overload the UI, and brings a lot.

This was something you could get on the EE account for example : a bar with days remaining, and a bar with the consumed data percent next to it. In a glance you could see if you were in advance or if you had to slow down.

I think that would help a lot ! Maybe a grey bar at the very top to see the month progress so you can see where you are versus other target bars. Much easier than the colors !

(Alex Sherwood) #2

So are you looking for a similar feature to the one that’s included in this post?

(Dylan Drake) #3

Not really, the only thing I want is for the category bars to start where the overall target start, all the way to the left.

Here is a photoshopped example. Super easy design switch.


In the second example you can tell how good/bad you are doing compared to the day of the month.


I really like that!!!

(Alex Sherwood) #5

It’s good to see another version of this design :wink:

I like this one :thumbsup:

Obviously it just need to be clear that the longer, lighter coloured bar indicates what your balance should at this point in the month. It would be good to be able to see when you’re ahead of target (you’ve saved money) too.

For the record, I still disagree with moving the bars so that they start at the same point as the overall monthly target because it’s too easy to compare the total target with the category’s & come to the wrong conclusion. But as I found in the other thread, that’s too complicated to discuss in writing.

(Dylan Drake) #6

Hey thanks for the feedback, I agree it wasn’t clear enough. Made a new design.

After much thought I think it should be kept simple. Only having the lighter coloured bar telling you where your balance should be at this point in the month to go back to green.

(Tom ) #7

Really like this. A small change but brings great insight. I also like the bars starting all in the same place.

(Hugo Cornejo) #8

OMG @dylanbendrake Thanks a lot for taking the time to improve our designs! You’re awesome :sunglasses:

At some point we will probably evolve the concept of “how good/bad” that we currently present using colour by doing something like that. As always we try to start with something simple, test it, and improve iteratively.

The second problem “bars starting all from the same point” is a bit trickier than it seems:

On the one hand we don’t necessarily want you to compare each category with the total spending (that’s why the bars are not proportional to each other, they just show %). Make them proportional could be a solution but the moment we add bills the whole thing will break (your rent is likely to be a 50% of everything, so the resolution gets lost).

On the other hand we need you to understand that the total is an umbrella over the categories, hence the indent. It’s easier to scan that each category is a full row if we respect the alignment and don’t add any information below the icons.

So, yeah, I feel this is one of those problems with really complex trade-offs. We’ll work harder to make it right. Please keep the feedback coming :slight_smile:

(Dylan Drake) #9

You’re welcome, thanks for the feedback. I understand why you don’t start all the bars at the same point now :slight_smile:
Looking forward to see how you improve the good/bad concept in the future, keep up the good work!


Budgets are a great feature, but I think that the budget bars should also present a little marker of the date progression through the month.

This would offer an immediate and precise reference between spent and days elapsed, for a daily tracking more exact than the color coding alone.

(Alex Sherwood) #11

Thanks for sharing this idea! There’s been some discussion about this sort of change in this topic already so I’ve moved your post here, I hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

Hugo revealed the redesign of the Spending tab tab recently & Monzo’s decided not to add an indicator for the individual category’s Targets but there is one for the total monthly target -


Hi Alex,

Thank you for the feedback. I look forward for the new design to go live.

Shame that the progress won’t be shown in the categories bar.

OnTrees for instance uses a simple line running in the background of the bars page. As simple as effective.