Tandem bank integration

I’d love to be able to see my Tandem savings account balance within the Monzo app.

Tandem would need to release their own API for that which savings providers are not required to do.

Don’t know anything about these things, but they use TrueLayer…is that not a potential route for integration?

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It is – though there are two ways this information can flow.

A bank can make an API (a common language for tech to talk to each other) available for others. Through this API, the bank can make available certain information for others to display.

And banks (or in general people) can take others’ APIs and use it to display the data that is made available through this way.

So for example, Monzo can make an API available for others to see your bank account balance. Other apps can then take this API and use it to display your Monzo balance.

But this is only mandatory for current accounts currently, savings accounts are exempt from the requirement to have an API.

Tandem can display other accounts in app because they have the APIs for those banks/accounts. But for Tandem to be visible in other apps, they would also need to make their own API available, which I don’t believe they have.

So you would need to contact Tandem first and ask them to make an API available so the balance can be seen in other accounts.

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