Take the National Numeracy Challenge!

(Richard Cook) #1

It’s National Numeracy Day! To celebrate, we’re supporting National Numeracy’s challenge to put your skills to the test!

In this blog post, we’re sharing why numeracy matters, with a special focus on maths anxiety from National Numeracy ambassador, Bobby Seagull!


Terms are here

Edit: as it’s not immediately obvious where they are on the site!


86/100. I was not mentally prepared for that amount of maths today.

I might relearn the ones I got wrong :eyes:


I got 99/100 :slight_smile:

One wrong, and I knew I got it wrong as soon as I pressed the button :frowning:

(To be fair, I do have an A-Level in maths)


I forgot things as soon as I got the GCSE :man_shrugging:

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(Tommy Long) #6

I rushed it in around 10 minutes and got 96/100. The four I got wrong were pretty obvious with hindsight. Not bad, I guess.


So if my maths is right a question every 6 seconds I could barely read some of the questions in 6 seconds never mind work them out

(Tommy Long) #8

Wow, were there actually 100 questions? It didn’t feel like that many!


No idea I was in bed and couldn’t be bothered. Was going on the scores above


I don’t think there were 100 questions - I think the score is just a percentage of correct answers.