Tag Suggester not working with new-look Home screen

Issue: The iOS tag suggester does not work with the new-look Home screen. Having enabled the new-look Home screen, I wanted to tag a transaction but none of my previously saved tags were available. Even after disabling and re-enabling the tag suggester, previously saved tags were still not available and any subsequently used tags also remained unavailable in the tag suggester.

Details to reproduce: Enable the new-look Home screen and then try to tag a transaction from the tag suggester.
OS: iOS 16.6 (20G75)
Device: iPhone 14 Pro Max (MQ9U3ZD/A)
App Version: 5.38.0 #5380054


Just tested and seems to be showing & working for me

Turned off Tag Suggester and shut down Monzo App. Force restarted the iPhone, went back into the App and turned Tag Suggester back on. It now shows the tags I have used since I started using the new-look Home screen, but all other tags have disappeared (which I’m glad about, because there were some I was no longer using and I didn’t know how to get rid of them!).

Tell a lie. The tag shows up in the Tag Suggester list once in a blue moon and, it appears, only when the top of the main page can’t be seen at the top of the Tag Suggester screen (see 2 screenshots)!

Tag suggestion visible:

Tag suggestion not visible:

It appears the Tag Suggester works when “See all” is shown at the bottom of the Activity pane of the Home screen, but not once “See all” has been pressed. After pressing “See all”, on closing the “All activity” page, the Tag Suggester works again until “See all” is pressed again.

My tag selector has never really worked. It shows me the first three same options regardless of what I type. I assumed it should start to “auto suggest” tags I’ve used before as I type but it’s static.

In fact I’ve just double checked and now they aren’t there at all.

There are clearly a number of issues with the Tag Suggester. For me, it has rarely (if ever?) worked first time. I select a saved tag, press the back arrow and nothing appears. I go back into the Tag Suggester, follow the same process and the selected tag now appears on pressing the back arrow. This has been known about and reported on for some time. Also, when using the search option to find a transaction and opting to “Add notes and #tags”, the list of suggested notes and #tags is empty rather than showing the normal list. It would be good if all these bugs could be fixed and the Tag Suggester become mainstream, rather than still being under Monzo Labs.