Tag debit card payments as regular/continuous

(Frank) #1

This might have been posted already.

I have just signed up to Spotify family and they have taken the first payment. It would be good to be able to flag this online transaction as regular/continuous so it shows up alongside the direct debits etc. This way you can keep track of subscriptions paid by continuous authority.

Going one step further it would be great if you could then ‘cancel’ an authority and behind the scenes Monzo reject payments to that company should they attempt further payments (you should also contact the company)

I don’t know if these types of payments come through with a flag to auto detect they are continuous or not but I’m sure it can be done on Monzo’s side.

More generally it would be good to see a history of cancelled standing orders, direct debits and continuous autos. And also a list of ‘blocked’ merchants should you want to enable/use them in future.


Recurring Payments
(MikeF) #2

I think it’s probably planned on Monzo’s side of things but we’re not there yet. Cancelling hem is harder in the sense that simply rejecting payments isn’t the best way to go here when you should be cancelling with the organisation concerned I feel.


(Rich) #3

if you look at the first image on the right it has predicted direct debits


(Frank) #4

I am referring to debit card continuous payments and not direct debits :+1:t2:

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(Frank) #5

Would be good to know that from Monzo. And I agree cancelling with the company should be done but having a list that prompts you can call and cancel I think would be good.

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(Mark Embling) #6

I think it might be both… I notice it says “predicted debits” (not direct debits) and underneath says “2 direct debits and 3 subscriptions”. I wouldn’t be surprised if the three subscriptions are exactly what you describe…


(Frank) #7

Then I take back my comment! I must have missed this when I read it the first time. :+1:t2:

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It was discussed in another thread and this was a response from CEO