Support for Samsung Pay

One person would call this a feature, another would have the same view you do :man_shrugging:t5:

I don’t mind it, it’s still more secure than the contactless card in my wallet and I guess the transport feature in Samsung Pay means that it does do the same thing to an extent.

There is a workaround by the way if you’d rather lock things down. If you set your default NFC Payments app to Samsung Pay or anything else, then Google Pay will still work but only when you’ve unlocked your phone and you’re inside the app.

I have used both - admittedly Google Pay (GP) sometime ago - and found SamsungPay (SP) better. I’m not a techie but understand that SP uses MST technology including & in addition to what GP uses thus making it more acceptable. Most tech reviews online also go with SP which seems to score above GP. If you have a Samsung phone you can have both SP & GP but then it becomes choresome toggling between both wallets to change the default. I’m not sure if you can have the same card on both GP & SP. You’re entitled to your views but I still believe Monzo should include SP as Samsung phones are the most widely used phones in the Android World.

Both products are actually exactly the same in the UK. MST isn’t enabled, even if you try to use your phone in the US. I’m not sure whether this is Samsung limiting this or the card networks. Either way we don’t really swipe cards here in Europe, it’s only really an issue when you start looking further afield like in the US but as I say MST isn’t supported anyway.

The tech reviews thing would make sense if they’re US based publications because over there Samsung Pay does have a clear advantage due to the dated payment infrastructure over on that side of the pond.

My views are irrelevant anyway, Monzo have already said that this isn’t something they’re looking to work on right now.