Who are Monzo’s main suppliers and distributors? And what relationship does the company have with them?

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Sorry… I’m not sure what you’re asking us!

Suppliers and distributors of what?


I was looking into the marketing strategy of Monzo and was trying to look into the stakeholder relationships Monzo has. From what I have been reading Monzo’s main supplier is MasterCard which is the in-house card processor: by being directly connected to their payment network in order to ensure total control over customer experience? how about security maintenance suppliers? is this the same?
as for distributors? again the maintenance and how does Monzo succeed in having no fees in Europe for example?

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security maintenance suppliers

What does that even mean? Monzo is secure because they build software using good development practices and employ engineers worth their salt, not because they bought some magic box from such a supplier that will somehow make the entire thing secure. :joy:

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I contend the question was poorly phrased but perhaps he means who is hosting the infrastructure if not Monzo themselves? Otherwise :man_shrugging:

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External infosec companies and security assessments do have a place in improving security posture - even if there are great internal security-focused employees and good development practices! Different sets of eyes can be useful in identifying and managing risk. So maybe poorly worded on OP’s part, but suppliers can be of use.

I will agree that magic boxes are more of a construct in the mind of some salespeople rather than anything rooted in reality, though :joy:

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