Joint Account: why won't it recognise two salaries?

Is anyone else getting frustrated that the joint account only seems to recognise one salary? We both get paid in to it, spend a bunch of bills, and then it spends the rest of the month telling us we’ve overspent our budget when we still have the other person’s full salary in it.

Is there something I’m missing?


I’m assuming you mean Summary reporting you’ll be out of money? If it is, I’ve found a small workaround;

We operate with a Joint Account - my wife gets paid on the 26th, I get paid on the 28th/30th/31st depending on the month. In its current form, the only way I can get Summary to work best is to set the reporting period to start on the date of the first salary (26th)

Doing it this way means that for 2/4/5 days, summary is way out, with the skint indicator flashing red for the rest of the upcoming period. But then when my salary lands 2/4/5 days later, it corrects itself for the remaining 26 days of the Summary reporting period.

Try setting a budget based on your combined salary figure - that should work better.

There are two modes for summary - one where you set a budget for your discretionary spend, and the other where it works out what you’ve got left without a particular target.

You don’t have to set category budgets.

It’s worth playing around with, but it’s not well documented or explained anywhere.

This is, I think, the problem. I’d like to think that whoever designed the joint accounts considered that two people would be paying their salaries in to it. Maybe they just haven’t told us how to use it properly…