Summary - Feedback thread

(Dan) #909

Oh true that! :joy: get all confused with my days…
Although I’m sure I’m not the only one who got paid 21st :man_facepalming:t2:

(Adam) #910

I’m learning so much from the forum at the moment! I had no idea you could schedule withdrawals!! I might start doing this to better control my budget.

Day of the week option!? 🗓

@Jami just want to bring your attention to Summary Notifications as an idea as you think about developing this feature.

(Paul) #912

Christmas payday has really messed up my Summary budgets. It would be great to build something in that counters for weird Christmas pay dates

(Sean) #913

I’m just ignoring early payday, moved it all to a pot and I’m going to “pay” myself in my regular payday.

(Paul) #914

That’s a good idea

(Adam Robertson) #915

Suggestion - allow ‘Exclude from Summary’ for incoming payments. Summary seems to think I’ve spent -£60 so far this month!

(Paul) #916

It would be great if Summary ‘knew’ that I was using IFTTT to move money to pots and adds that monthly (where the ‘move to pot’ was not random) to the Committed.

e.g. I use the 1p Challenge and ‘move £1 per day’ recipes. These are known amounts each month and would benefit from being in Pots section of Summary as Committed.

Currently I have more money in my Summary ‘Spending’ section than I do in my available balance (because of the IFTTT triggers.

(Adam) #917

The “add salary” button on summary is annoying as I have my salary going in (I get the notification even when it comes in!)

I know you can get rid of this by setting the budget to start on the date of the last salary payment, but this isn’t going to work for me as I get paid on the last Thursday of the month, not on a specific date.

(Adam Robertson) #918

What’s the roadmap/backlog for Summary right now? Could still do with some more love before it’s a working feature.

(Dave Berry) #919

Works great for me - literally couldn’t be happier. I realise it needs to sort ‘last x of the month’ paydays, but other than that, what does it need to make it a ‘working feature’?


For me it doesn’t handle transfers properly. If I buy something and somebody transfers in 1/2, that transfer is flagged as income and I’m unable to net it off against my spend, knackering up the budgets. Joint account transfers do they same.

(Adam Robertson) #921

Lol too many in this thread to count. Main one for me is not being able to exclude income from Summary, as well as the circle still doesn’t work for me. Ie I start with £600, when it’s £300 the circle is not at the halfway point. It just doesn’t seem to work in places.

(David Walton) #922

Apologies if I’ve misread the issue you have with the Summary circle.

The circle represents 2 independent values - Time & Money.;

The circle circumference is a representation of the total time period specified in the ‘from’-‘to’ dates at the top of the Summary tab.
If you have £600, you could spend £300 the next day, or the day after or the day after that. Regardless of spend, the line on the circle should represent ‘today’ in relation to the ‘from’ - ‘to’ time window. It doesn’t represent the amount of money you have left.

The monetary display is shown in the middle of the circle as a figure which is estimated as ‘Left to spend’. The ‘Left to spend’ is calculated from what you started with, what you’ve already spent and what is known to Monzo as an upcoming/scheduled payment within the same ‘from’ - ‘to’ period. What remains is shown as the ‘Left to spend’ value. This can be negative (red) as well as positive (green)

Once I plugged in all my planned upcomings, it has never displayed false information for me. I’m not saying it should work for everyone - it may well have issues with some of the many other ways people deal with their finances and there are undoubtedly lots. I’ve personally had a good experience using and trusting the Summary circle.

(Adam Robertson) #923

No, I’m aware that the small line is an indication of time. I’m saying that the circle colour (ie. the ‘money’ aspect) should be at the halfway point if your money is at the halfway point - regardless of whether you spend that in one day or 20.

(JJ Hassan) #924

Hi! It’d be good if we could “skip” certain committed spending for one month so that we can have a more accurate “left to spend” value if we know that a regular transaction won’t happen this month. I believe this is possible, albeit inconvenient, with card transactions by toggling whether or not it’s recurring, but direct debits don’t have this option.

This would be useful for council tax where it’s paid 10 months of the year (at least where I am), for paused subscriptions, and for payment holidays.

(Adam Ash) #925

Mentioned this elsewhere, and too many replies to see if someone has said the same, but it’d be nice to not be tied down to a ‘monthly’ spend summary.

I pay my bills account quarterly to cover my mortgage and other payments for the next three months. Being able to tell the app Jan-Mar for a summary period would be nice.

Summary Start/End Date Flexibility
(Franco) #926

Currently finding the Summary & Budget features quite clunky & it’s ruining my experience with the app.

When I select a Payment as the custom date to start tracking I’d expect that the total sum of this payment PLUS existing money in my account is taken into consideration against my budgets.

The app is regularly telling me I’m on track to overspend when I actually have enough in my account balance.

I’d propose an option to select either:
1 - budgets tracking from custom date based on monthly salary alone
2 - budgets tracking from custom date inclusive of existing money in account

(MikeF) #927

That’s effectively what you have.

Set a budget for any amount you like (i.e. monthly salary in this case) and the app will track that. Don’t set a budget and it will track against the money left in your account.

You can thus meet either option you’ve given with what we have now.

(Tanice Samuels) #928

I use my Monzo account for budgeting my every day spend (coffees etc) from my salary every month. I put £200 into my Monzo account per month for that every day spending (£50 per week) and what is left over from my spend each week I move into a pot.

Recently I noticed that my account balance was lower than my ‘left to spend’ amount in my Summary (that I had more in my left to spend than in my actual account balance).

I got in contact with customer support and was told that because I use pots (i move what is left over of the £50 each week) and because I have round up on that to fix the inconsistency I would have to manipulate my account by either 1) changing my budget to zero or 2) turn off round up and only move money to pots turning off before I set my monthly budget of £200.

This would mean I couldn’t use either the budget or pots feature and move money to my pots. Is this correct? I think we should be able to move money that isn’t spent each week into pots without having to manipulate numbers in Summary.