Suggestions to improve Monzo for students 💡

(Bailey Kursar) #1

Hi everyone!

Are you at uni or college? Using Monzo?

Our product team is hoping to hear your suggestions and feedback as to how we can create better features (or talk more about existing features!) in order to spread growth across campus.

Let us know what you think we should be doing here :point_down:

(Umar Ehtesham) #2

Hi. I received my Mondo card this Tuesday and I’ve already spent a lot using it. Gulp. Everything has been great so far but I think things can be even better.

So, firstly it’s the android app which I know every android user goes on about. Budgeting would be awesome and all of us envy those iOS graphs. We can’t wait for the andorid app to catch on.

Now I’m a student at Royal Holloway University of London and we many of us prefer to make our payments from college cards using UpayChilli and many universities up and down the country use this system.

For some reason they always reject Monzo payments and this issue will probably go away when Monzo offers debit cards but if it could be looked into right now then I’m sure many students would be able to benefit.

But in short Monzo is brilliant. It’s helped me manage my finances and helped me to understand why I spend so much in a short span of time.

I can’t think of any suggestions except offering some student discounts in collaboration with some brands. Also giving us one automotive boost up the queue would be fantastic because we are the future and Monzo is all about that.

Anyway that’s all I have to say.

Keep on rockin


One improvement which has already been suggested (but I’ll just add my support for it), is the ability to create little ‘funds’ where you can save money towards something.

It’d be nice to be able to put away money towards something like a holiday or a big meal out or whatever

(Anuj) #4

I think you need to accelerate the launch of budget goals for android users. As a student that’s the main reason I wanted Monzo.

Students are pretty short on cash so maybe decrease the initial top up and even have a financial incentive through unidays maybe ? You could also recruit student reps for fresher’s etc to get sign ups.

You should push the instant notification and spending goals aspect hard for students. Even being able to see all my purchases instantly has helped me budget really well. I’d develop these features further such as rounding up purchases into savings in a protected part of your balance. Maybe even a going out mode where you can set a limit for how much you can spend on drinks etc with exceptions for Uber or transport.

(Freddie McGee) #5

Hey :wave:

A massive feature that I feel that’s been lacking is the ability to categorise transaction that friends have paid to me. Monzo makes it so easy for my friends to pay me back for thinks which students do all the time, for example when grocery shopping together.

When you can’t categorise these transactions it messes up monthly targets which is an utter nightmare. A similar feature for top ups would also be great!

(Josh Bray) #6


Just slightly concerned about the declining of the monzo cards at your university.
When you try to use it does it tell you anything in the app. Usually it will tell you why it’s declining.
Also I’d suggest dropping the customer support team a message just letting them know and they’ll be able to investigate why it’s doing it and hopefully correct it.

(Umar Ehtesham) #7

Hiya, I’ve never had an issue with buying anything at the university or anywhere for that matter.

But for some reason when I try to top up funds into my UpayChilli account online using the Monzo card it always gets declined and I never get any notifications when the card is declined. It’s never been declined before, online or anywhere else so this should be a UpayChilli specific issue.

I did drop the customer support a line and they told me that they cannot see any declined transactions on my card and and some systems do not support Monzo cards so this must be the case. My NatWest debit card works just fine so I’m guessing it’s because Monzo does not have a full banking license as of yet.

This is admittedly a bit of a slight issue, because most students use the student card to pay as it’s tax exempt I believe and we get discounts on it. The only way to top up money online is through UpayChili so I cannot keep track of how much money I’ve put into my student card.

I think most issues like these will be resolved once Monzo obtains the full license and Monzo is still in beta so I can’t really have any complains for now.

(Jack Willis) #8

And also be able to add/change the notes on things people have sent. For example, people have sent me money for event tickets and it’d be handy to tag them with which event they’re for rather than be stuck with the caption they put in the link

(Jack Willis) #9

Also the ability to alter the timescale for budgets/targets (e.g. weekly rather than monthly) would be really useful.


It nothing to do with license but probably due to fact that beta card is prepay not debit.

(Umar Ehtesham) #11

I was going to say that but then I looked up ‘prepay’ on google and got redirected to debit so I thought they might be the same but wasn’t sure about that.

Still I thought that Monzo needs a full license to offer debit cards but I might be wrong.


Cards come in various formats including debit, credit and prepay, and even cards that incorporate two accounts so you need to select from debit and credit or current account and savings account when using a point of sale terminal.

You can have a debit card from a non-bank (e.g. an electronic money license holder) maybe as they use an agency banking agreement for issuing cards


I would be nice to see the prize of the university competition. It’s annoying to be promised a prize and not be given it

As for the point of the thread, yeah, budgeting would be good

(Not Theresa May) #14

Idea: option to separate cash withdrawals from total spending. As a student, often I will take out money to use at corner shops/small shops with minimum card transaction fees. Currently the system shows as if I’ve spent 20 quid a week when in reality I might spend that money sporadically throughout a longer period. This distorts the budgeting and spending views. Separating cash withdrawals or allowing their omission from total spending would make budgeting easier

Posted this in feature ideas but nobody responded

(Naji Esiri) #15

@rubenwardy Hey Ruben! I’m guessing you attend one of the leaderboard topping universities :raised_hands:! Could you PM Tristan with your e-mail address and we can make sure all prizes promised make it to the winners! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Dean Meehan) #16

As a student I’ve never had any problems using it in Belfast in an around campus. I love the feature such as sending money between users and I use it loads as I’ve convinced many of my friends and SO to get a card.

I think a great feature could be some sort of loyality card/student discount embedded into the system. (In the future) that can be opt into.

Apart from that I don’t know how our needs as students different from the other feature requests by the general public.

Additionally. How do you know I’m a student? I didn’t sign up as a student or use my student email address when signing up. I’d like some account access controls to view the information you store on me and give me the ability to change them without accessing support.

(Naji Esiri) #17

Hey Dean!

Thanks for spreading the word :wink:

Loyalty programmes are part of the big plan! More specifically, in the long term retailer funded loyalty schemes and rewards are the route we plan to take.

There’s every possibility that we may explore partnering with Monzonauts favourite merchants to offer promotions and discounts from time to time, similar to the Old Street Monzo campaign . There’s no plan to offer some thing like this for students more specifically, we just don’t have the resources to make that happen at the moment :slightly_frowning_face:

I agree that students needs don’t differ greatly to the rest of our users.Their awareness of Monzo does surprisingly, and so we took a different approach to introducing our service to a community where we feel we can add some real value.

Have you received any correspondence from us which suggests we know you’re a student? An an e-mail?

(Not Theresa May) #18

Adding the ability to budget by putting my student loan in at the start of the month is probably realistically the most useful thing monzo can do for the Android app right now to change it from interesting novelty to an app to rely on


Hi, I’m a PhD student involved in lots of fieldwork so I do travel a lot. Would love to explore ways on how Monzo could be used across countries and also to look into categorising usage of funds for personal use and for research purposes for claims. Would be glad to chat more on this. I’m also a student representative and I keep hearing of similar issues across this profile of students