Suggestion [Online transactions blocking)

Hi all,

Just a suggestion, would it be possible to put a block on ALL online transactions for a certain time, for example 12 hours.

I only suggest this as yesterday I was able to spend £20 on a betting website even though my card has been set to have a gambling block. I mean, even though this amount of money isn’t a major amount, it would be good to be able to have this option?


It would be good if you could talk to in app chat about this.
If there’s a betting site that isn’t being blocked then they’ll need to look into why. It could really help other customers


In my very limited understanding, gambling block is based on a merchant category code (gambling) so if there is an online gambling company that still works while you have gambling block enabled it seems most likely that they are using an incorrect merchant code. This may be an oversight on their part, a weird edge case or a deliberate disregard for regulations. Either way, a message to in-app chat seems a good idea.

I agree this would be good. Lloyds offers this.