Stripe Issuing

This looks very cool, and seems like it could really kick off some interesting ideas, which previously would have been too painful to do. What does everybody think?


I had a few thoughts:
1: Start my own bank issuing a single card to me called “AndyBank”. Create a card with my picture on it.
2: Set up a fintech like Glint but instead of Gold sitting behind the card I’d choose…Uranium, no… Plutonium…
3: Set up a fintech like Glint but with a fund sitting behind the card, instead of an ethical fund I’ll set up an unethical fund only investing in arms, booze, gambling, big oil, fast foot. I’ll call it B*stard Bank and become rich.

Joking aside. It’s really cool to be able to be a card issuer, I imagine there’s loads of use cases for promotional items, gift cards to setting up your own bank. Interested to see where this goes.

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Kryptonite. Nothing else is good enough.

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It’s very, very cool. The big opportunity I see is setting up cards for specific scenarios (e.g. clothes shopping) and then working with partners to create incredibly rich loyalty programs. You can start to apply concepts like mental accounting much more literally.

This is pretty cool. Endless uses. Look forward to see how it gets used ! :slight_smile: