Sterling or Euros?

(Jonathan Knight) #1

When presenting my card for payment in Spain more often than not I’m offered the choice of paying in Sterling or euros. Is there any difference or benefit in choosing one over the other?


(Alex Sherwood) #2

You should always choose Euros, more here :slight_smile:

(Change Works) #3

Always, always, always reject the Sterling option when using Monzo overseas. For small individual purchases,the difference might be small, but over a whole trip, you will certainly be better off choosing the local currency.


would that also apply for a foreign currency such as Gibraltar Pound or Falklands Pound if they are at parity with Pound Sterling?

(Change Works) #5

Would there be parity, if DCC was offered,?


There is always a benefit in choosing the local currency as you received the Mastercard exchange rate :slight_smile:

(Allie) #7

Interesting question, it would be interesting to see what those DCC offers look like when it’s hard for shops to justify charging more. That said, I do expect they still charge a substantial markup, so yes, probably…