Statement viewing requiring force quit

Issue: Viewing a bank statement within the app using the ‘Markup’ option causes the app to become unresponsive and stuck in the markup window, with the only resolution being to force quit the app.

Details to reproduce: Go to any account (current, savings, investment, etc.) and open up a statement, upon seeing the share options pop up, select the ‘Markup’ option, try closing the markup window using the ‘Save/Done’ option in the top right, the app should now be stuck in the markup window requiring force close.

OS: iOS 17.1.2
Device: iPhone 14 Pro Max
App Version: 5.53.0

Screenshots: Unable to include screenshot due to sensitive information (address, transactions, balances etc)

I can confirm this issue issue exists in the latest TestFlight version as well

5.54 On iOS, 17.2

It doesn’t allow you to exit the markup function, Clicking down that does nothing


Ditto on iOS 17.3 :wink:

Just replicated it too - I’ll raise it. Thanks :pray:

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I can only imagine trying to raise this through the “contact us” option :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :see_no_evil: