Starting from scratch as a new engineer at Monzo

Hey folks :wave:

I’m Grace and I’m a Backend Engineer in the Fincrime Business Banking squad. We’re a team of engineers, data folk and risk experts working relentlessly to stop financial crime in Monzo’s business bank.

I joined Monzo a few months ago, so I’ve written a blog post about being a new engineer here. It’s mainly about how awesome/terrifying/rewarding changing tech stack/domain/industry has been for me.

Fire away with any questions/thoughts you have about starting from scratch in a new role!


Hi Grace - welcome! Great blog post and thanks for sharing your experiences.

When I was appointed to a Senior Management Position in the EDucation Sector, my induction was one day of mostly shaking hands with people. As a result, I spent the last 7 or 8 years of my working life trying to ensure within areas I could influence that proper induction programmes were in place for recruits at every level.

It’s reassuring to read how positive someone new to Monzo feels about the process of being recruited etc., As a customer it certainly helps build confidence and trust in Monzo going forward, despite its quirks and foibles.

This kind of input is always welcome here. Keep it coming!

And again, thank you!


Thanks for your kind words and for sharing your experiences! It’s awesome to hear you’re one of the people going above and beyond to help us newbies out, and I like to think that everyone wins out in the long run when people do just that :handshake:


Really good read, great to hear that you didn’t quite fit the criteria and still applied and were successful. Sounds like Monzo really recruit for fit and the person, not just a qualification on a CV.

I think a structured induction is so important. So many companies (mine included) just throw you in and then are surprised when people leave. Having a group start together means that you’re making day 0 friends from all parts of the company, I’m a big advocate of that.

I do always scout the job listings (Monzo are in my fave companies LinkedIn job notification) so maybe one day I’ll follow your lead and just go for it!

Also, I’d never heard of the Dunning–Kruger effect of the until this podcast and I only listened to that last week!