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lol! Yeah Pulse is very unoriginal (and lacking much offense which is why it probably got picked).

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This exchange is a good example of the reason why users are encouraged to avoid responding to a post’s tone instead of its actual content.

You’re welcome to be as critical about Monzo as you fancy in this community & at the same time, other user’s are welcome to disagree.

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Testing & Rollout
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At the moment I have only used the virtual card, which is actually pretty cool as you can pay without having a physical card, what I am not liking in my opinion is the doughnut chart, I quite like the graph plus a daily breakdown like Monzo

Credit where it is due for Starling is that their CS are really nice and helped me to resolve a problem at about 2am (don’t ask :sweat_smile:)! They were also rather funny but Monzo are better (Starling do need to learn about the way of the emoji otherwise it’s a deal breaker [jokes] :rofl:)!

I don’t have a Starling community account as, tbh, most answers I can sort of find in this forum or in the Starling forum, and like you said @Lucky_Luxy, both Monzo and Starling are extremely similar. What I find good is that Starling told me privately on Twitter that they will not charge for using foreign ATM fees for the foreseeable future and they said in the app that “Your Starling account was made for travel” - this means when Monzo starts to charge for ATM, you can pay using Monzo but take out money using Starling - the best of both worlds, albeit Monzo is king and Starling is a decent back up!

What they (or Monzo or anyone) can’t control is the exchange rate :confused:, do wish it was like the times when £1 = €1.32 or £1 = more then US$2…really want to grab a bargain abroad :joy:


A whole 6 hours later:


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That’s exactly what I intended as I was growing impatient on the :mondo: CA, so I signed up for Starling.

I had a look and it looks rather unfinished. People are reporting issues with Direct Debits, setting up Standing Orders for regular payments needs more work, too.

It has a level of functionality, the reporting of where you’ve spent your money is a complete lottery. Sometimes the map is there, usually it isn’t, often it’s wrong and when it does appear and disappears a few days later.

The UI needs much more work. There’s also concern in their Community that the Starling Customer Service is poor.

It does have things going for it and it, I’m sure, will only get better. For me, I wasn’t ready to make that jump from First Direct who have a poor app but first class customer service.

I’ll wait until Starling improves or :mondo: send me a CA invite…

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That’s what stopped me from using them. I feel Monzo has the style nailed down even if not all the features are there yet. Starling appears the opposite, yes it is more feature rich but it just doesn’t seem polished. And ultimately it’s easier to add new features than overhaul the entire UI.

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Could you provide a citation or point in the direction of a particular thread?

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I disagree @johnny i think most people on the Starling community find that the customer service is beyond what they would get from legacy banks, and I think we have to understand that they are learning just as much as us.

Both Monzo and Starling are in beta,and are learning the hard way about how things work and the differences between processors and merchants…


There was a mention in the last two or three days. There’s a search function over there.

My own experience of their service has been good via the in-app system (intercom?) that they use.


I don’t disagree with that statement at all.

I did not say Starling’s service was poor, I said that There’s also concern in their Community that the Starling Customer Service is poor.


I’ve spotted this as well hidden in various threads over the last few weeks. I’ve bit given it much weight though because reviews are still overwhelmingly positive and the new/beta status of Starling. I’d imagine they’re growing quickly now though so it’s defiantly something to keep an eye on.


Starling is still light-years ahead of legacy banks but I do agree their UI and overall experience needs some work compared to Monzo, which is a shame as the underlying product seems just as good, it’s just lacking polish.

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The ugly entries is my main gripe with Starling at the moment. Lack of maps and logos or badly formatted/shoddy logos is really annoying.

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The only issue recently I had with Starling was my list of DDs & SOs went missing in the app. This occurred for around 6-12 hours and didn’t affect payments.
Having used both cards only Monzo has been declined or not worked.
I like Monzo but think it & Starling are doing great but need to go a lot further before lots of people will join their CAs.
If Monzo manage a 25% conversion from prepaid to CA I imagine they will be chuffed.

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Personally with my useage I haven’t found a lot of difference in terms of the icons and sections. I’m in the rural north west of England so this may play a part?


Will it not be 100% as all prepaid will be converted? Question is will people continue to use it?


And to reply to my own post if a new terms agreement is required for the CA, then the interesting part will be the conversion rate

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I’m guessing that there will be new terms but I’m 99.9% sure that the process will be opt in so the conversion rate won’t be 100%.