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Really? Where did you find that information? Not saying you are wrong, but that’s not what Starling told me.

They said the card would have carried on working until the new one was activated, and that the customer didn’t need to order one until he was back in the country.

It wouldn’t be the first time a CS message was wrong though, so keen to know where your info comes from.

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I would have thought it would be like Monzo, old one works till new one arrives and is activated


With Starling it all depends who you ask on what you get told. However seems stupid to replace a card because of potential fraud but allowing you to use the old one until it expires, if that is the case, why replace it ? I understand when they replace your card at expiry they keep the old one active, the old one will become expired automatically anyway.

I know for a fact a number of other banks, will only keep your old one active for a maximum of one month.

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Starling want me back - they’ve sent an email to people who haven’t used their accounts for a while

Unfortunately I’ve gone fullmonzo since last using my Starling card, so I probably won’t be using Starling much any time soon. That said, I have no bad feeling towards Starling and anything could happen in the future…


Dunno if it’s a big deal to you, but I was able to get your email address from that link … might want to do a screenshot instead.


changed. thanks!


Starling who?

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I wonder if Anne & Co. are still reading this… :eyes:


I wonder if they’re thinking about closing dormant accounts?

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Maybe - less data to migrate to Bo.


On a serious point, if RBS do acquire Starling, then they’re doing it wrong if they don’t migrate their customers to the Starling platform!

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Nah. They got bored of reading this about a week after they got bored of inventing a decent bank.


At least Starling listen to the problems we have with Monzo and fix them!

Just had to download my statements - Starling have now started naming their statements using international date format so they sort correctly. Monzo still name them all with the date you download them. Why Monzo why? It’s gotta be trivial to correctly name them.


I think Monzo really need a “trivialities” list - there’s loads of stuff that seems (to me at least) to be really small, and would delight the user if addressed, but which seem to fall between the cracks.

A month focusing on polish would be cool. (who do we need to tag to make this a thing? :thinking: :monzo: :poland:)

Polishing Monzo - a little list?

Make that thread :wink:

Polishing Monzo - a little list?
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Mine’s on the front of mine!

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How many items are you allowed to add to Monzo Time? :rofl: