Starling Discussion & Feedback

(Michael) #984

Only if @anne periodically steps in to shutdown discussion by referring to some unobvious incident :wink:

(Dan Baker) #985

A lot of them have moved over to this forum.

(Sacha) #986

Starling are going large on the tube ads

(Tom) #987

I tried to apply for one a few days ago (for the cash deposits function) and I was refused!

Phoned them (handy they have a call centre) and they are finding out why.

(Andre Borie) #988

Is it just me or is that poorly readable due to the colour combination and a huge wall of text with no “TLDR”?

Also really not a fan of the weird phone + card mashup. Just put the phone in the center so we can actually see the app properly and show something useful (the transactions list with logos and stuff) instead of the stupid pulse/circle graph (why would you showcase the most useless & universally despised feature?).

( #989

Disappointed the advert isn’t in portrait mode.


Feeling mildly threatened by that one.

(Neil M) #991

I thought their branding was purple and white. I’m surprised Fortnum and Mason don’t have trademarks for eau de nil and white…


They changed their personal account cards from people purple (landscape) to teal (portrait) a while ago. Brand colour has been a bit confused since.

(Though hot coral started as an add on to the Monzo band and that has stuck).

(Jack) #993

Advert looks decent, only feedback would be the card doesn’t stand out at all on that background and maybe they’ve crammed too much text into it. I got bored half way through.

( #994

There was me thinking Soylent Green was people.


‘We knew banks could do better’ - Well maybe they should tell that to their customer service then! They
try to make themselves out to be this pioneer of new banking, when in effect they have the same legacy mindset as the high street banks, and the customer service is so robotic, no compassion, relies on scripted phrases and a completely different ethic and opposite of what Monzo are doing!

(Andre Borie) #996

True, but I’d still choose new technology and legacy culture (Starling) rather than legacy technology and legacy culture (any legacy bank).


The way I look at it, is that if you’re going to be mobile you have to offer some different and a whole new approach. If you’re going to get the same legacy customer service but just done app based then you might as well stick with the high street.

Monzo I think are truly innovative - New Technology and a radically different approach to making customers feel valued for using them.

Nobody else has to agree but that’s just my own personal opinion.


I agree that Monzo are truly innovative. My only concern is that they will reach a plateau in the not so distant future. At the end of the day, how many things do you want your bank to be able to do?

(Michael) #999

Not disagreeing, but I am not that old and I remember telling myself both that I did not need a mobile phone and (on several occasions) that my current mobile phone, now smart phone, does everything I need it to

Maybe I just do not know what I want from my bank yet :wink:

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #1000

There is a TL;DR – “Banking. But better.”

(Toby Toller) #1001

Think Tiffany had it even before F&M!

(Thomas Horne) #1002

I’m disappointed in there being no green button. :joy::rofl:

(Neil M) #1003

True, Tiffany blue is a trademarked colour

no mention of F & M blue/Eau de nil
**Furiously starts the trademark process to steal Fortnum’s Eau de nil ** :joy::rofl::joy: