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(Tom) #964

I’m really not keen on the sheen! Wish it was just matte :see_no_evil:

(Rowan Blackwood) #965

Yeah I probably should have gone down that route, but it’s pretty long winded as I have a lot of dd and standing orders etc. Was just hoping I could do the switch and open a new account to use as a backup. It’s not the end of the world though. :slightly_smiling_face:


Putting all the info on the back of the card means apps can’t automatically pull the card number from your camera.

It’s a bit of a step backwards, in terms of usability.
Curve has gone the same way.

Manual entry it is then!

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #967

I used my iPhone camera to capture my vertical Starling debit card details (white text on teal) into Apple Wallet the other day. Worked fine.

I’ve just tried with my Curve card, where the long number is smaller type and more on the left hand side of the back of the card, and that works too.

Even the transparent N26 card works.

(Splodf) #968

Hmm mine is black text on teal. That might be why it struggled.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #969

Could be, though I’d expect the definition of black on teal to be better.

Starling changed from white text to black, so would be interesting to know if there was a rational behind this, and to what extent camera capture was tested.


I definitely am having problems. Google Pay picks up cards well, but couldn’t read the new card.
Could the change of layout be part of the problem?

(Tom) #971

I think that was due to feedback from visually impaired users, the white on teal was hard to read.

(SimonL) #972

Noticed yesterday when adding a card to something that it come up with MasterCard secure code screen so thought I’d try the BPme app which always said before that secure code wasn’t available on the card so couldn’t be added but today it come up with the secure code screen and added the card so looks like it’s enabled in some form or another


I enabled the roundups feature but I don’t use my current account for day to day spending as I use my credit card for the perks (which I pay off in full)

I was hoping the round up feature woud work with direct debits, but they seem to have limited it to card transactions only.

It’s not a huge deal as I’d probably be only putting away a few pounds each month, but a pretty disappointing feature for my use case!


I’d have preferred a round down feature e.g. on the balance at midnight every night.

(Dan Mullen) #975

I noticed a SecureCode screen for the first time yesterday too. Good news as there were a couple of sites I use that wouldn’t accept payment without it.

(Tom) #976

I hope they give you a online AND a app option for secure code. It’s one of my most annoying features of Monzo at the moment.

(SimonL) #977

At the moment isn’t asking for any code just seams to authorise it without any intervention but have only seen it on a few sites so don’t know if it would ask on a less mainstream site

(Andre Borie) #978

Got the Starling Bank 3D-Secure today. It approved automatically but I wonder what the flow would be like it it wasn’t sure about it. Would it be a Monzo-style in-app approval or just an OTP?

( #979

(Michael) #980



I wonder when Sarah Guha is back from maternity leave. Coincidence?

(Harry) #982

I wonder how much that pay rise was…


Starling Bank Community forums has closed, is this the new home? :face_with_monocle: