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Just a random comment as we were talking about trademarked colours.

With colour trademarks, you are allowed to use a trademarked colour as long as you aren’t in the same industry as the competing company who claims the trademark. To be able to trademark a colour you have to have strong brand

Here’s a more in depth video:

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I couldn’t disagree more. I understand you’ve personally had a bad experience with their CS but that’s by no means typical. I’ve had one or two replies that seemed scripted but the vast majority of my experience with their CS has been very positive. Most of the comments I read from other customers indicate that CS has been improving month on month.

Monzo have also had their ups and downs with CS. Again, I’ve found it to be generally very good but I did have one or two long delays in the last couple of months.

There are always going to be people who have a bad experience to report but, in general, I think both banks are doing very well in terms of CS.

How can you call it “the most useless and universally despised feature”? Although there is definitely room for improvement, such as being able to change the transaction period (week, month), I really like the feature. I know a lot of other people who like it too and it actually means you know exactly whose app you’re looking at when you see the screenshot, rather than a generic-looking list of transactions that could be from any bank.

I get you don’t like it but it’s a personal opinion stated in such a way as to appear factual. If it’s based on a survey that I’m unfamiliar with, fine, but at least state the source.

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I have both apps on my phone, different people prefer different layouts, I virtually use exclusively one of them - I prefer it . I haven’t had to engage with Monzo CS for about 6 months, I did have reason to contact Starling CS recently , all sorted out very efficiently and very politely, CS wasn’t robotic at all.

Its OK to prefer one app over the other :slight_smile:

(Andre Borie) #1008

I’m going based on what I saw both here and on the Starling forum. Seems like this “feature” was criticised a lot and personally I’m also tired of having to swipe up on that thing every time I open the app (Monzo’s pulse is equally useless but at least I don’t have to swipe up every time.

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Thought that was an advert for for a min

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Anyone seen this… :see_no_evil:


This is the same issue with Monzo and how they store scanned receipts I believe? I don’t know if Monzo also store the more sensitive passport/id documents the same way.

( #1012

If it’s using the same technique then it’s a non issue for me.

( #1013

For reference: Download receipts


I would be interested in how the individual found their own passport if URLs are truly obfuscated in the same way as receipts.

Assume they have traced all network calls from their phone?

( #1015

I think it was in a support chat.


Support gave them the URL?

( #1017

I thought I read that it was in a support chat. Might be mixing things up.

That’s the tweet I saw.


Hmm. Wasn’t aware of their support tool. Will see if I can find it

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That’s going really badly for them at the moment. They have been given multiple opportunites to fix it and haven’t.

The response by the ‘higher up’ staff member was pathetic, failed to ignore the concern and effectively brushed him off, they’re paying for that in the comments section.

( #1020

What is there to fix?

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Form what I can tell it was a tonken link they sent him via support and only way someone else could view it was if he was to share the link

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Ben has now posted this to LinkedIn, lengthy discussion in the comments.


I thought we were living in American then (sorry US folk). I can see the headline now…

“Man accuses bank of data breach, after sharing his completely secure, personalised URL on the internet”…

Joking aside, I can understand the potential alarm if you see your data on the internet behind what would appear to be a public facing URL - But boy, someone wanted to make a big deal out of nothing it would appear.

I don’t know enough about the security aspect behind banks “in the cloud” - Someone said it was likely to do with their use of AWS?

Does Monzo have the same security?

(Andre Borie) #1024

How I expect this to work is that they’re using signed URLs where the URL itself is the authentication key.

In this case this is fine - the URL (the secret in this case) is returned by the Starling API only to authenticated users so no unauthorised access is possible.

There is the issue of the URL being leaked but given that it’s not even supposed to be user-facing I’m not sure how it can leak under normal conditions.