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One android user on money saving expert said he had it, so maybe it’s android only for now, or maybe it’s only active for a tiny percentage to give it a real world test

I’ll check on my Android app now

Edit: It’s live in the Android app for me :partying_face:. Primarily an iOS user so didn’t realise. Seems they’ve gone for Android first and iOS likely in the next update, I guess.

I don’t have any before screenshots. This is on Android, I’m told that it’s similar to the font already in use on iOS. You can see the new font in @phildawson’s post above.

I have both Business and Personal accounts and can confirm cheque imaging is working on both :+1:t2:


An iOS update was released this morning. The release notes mention that support for cheque imaging is now “rolling out”.

I got excited and opened the app to check, but I don’t have it yet.

Yeah - the same. Saw the update, weirdly got excited (even though I don’t actually have any cheques to cash) and then disappointed it wasn’t actually there.

It does say it’s a phased roll-out so at least it’s definitely coming and probably hopefully rolled out for everyone in the next month.

Once I’ve got it, I’ll close down my ‘safety’ Co-op bank account that I only have to paying in cheques.

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It’s in my latest update on android.

Now just waiting for my cheque from my cancelled Pontins break to try it out :grin:

I did have access to cheque imaging already though through my HSBC account, which is purely open for access to their regular saver.

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That’s interesting. I have cheque imagining but, so it would seem, no new font:

Also: what is the Description field for?

You can write; It’s a cheque, made of paper, perforations down the left side.


I mean “rectangular, made of paper” was my best guess. :man_shrugging:


But in seriousness, what you enter in the description will become the reference attached to the cheque deposit transaction


For those that have used cheque imaging, how does it show in your feed whilst waiting to clear? I’ve used other banks where your scan then nothing happens until the money magically appears in a few days. That was an unsettling user experience.

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I know that for standard cheques posted in it shows in your feed with a scan of the cheque almost immediately after they’ve received it. Something makes me suspect that Starling was long part of cheque imaging but they just did it on their end. The transaction will have an estimated clear date in the info.


It shows in the transactions list, dated two days from now (when they propose it will clear). It says “Cheque”, “Amount” and status of “Incoming”.

Interestingly I’ve just got the cheque imaging … but I have lost my overdraft as I haven’t used it … so they removed it! Grrrreat, so much for the safety net!


Also have iOS cheque deposit now!


Yep - just arrived into my app as well (iOS).

Now - do I trust this enough to close the Co-op account I’ve kept open specifically just to cash what is generally 1 or 2 cheques a year I actually get?

I’ve paid a number of physical cheques in with Starling and never had even a glimpse of an issue. Plus mobile cheque imaging with other banks works extremely well. Never had any rejections or anything like that - but you keep the physical cheque anyway so if there is a problem at least it’s not like your cheque is lost.

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I have just looked and so do I as of this evening!

As an aside, @qwango_uk, you might want to keep the Co-op account to keep a Visa Debit card. Very occasionally, such as at Olympic events, only Visa is accepted, and also there is always the risk of problems with one card network which might not affect the other. Plus, we all know that Starling has had some problems with GPS in the past so they are not 100% reliable either.

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You can’t really lose unless you physically shred the cheque before you wait two days or so for it to clear.

Once you see it banked then rip.

If you are receiving higher than £500 then you’ll need to post, but that’s the same with any bank.

Can’t remember the last time I saw a co-op branch.

Edit: only 68 branches remaining in the UK. :astonished:


Cheque cleared today (after 1 day) rather than tomorrow as suggested. Mark me down as impressed.