(Michael) #1

I have just seen Squirrel. I think they have some great features which should be built into Monzo. I especially love the way it takes your salary, hides away all your bills and pays you a weekly allowance. A great way to manage your finances.

Squirrel - Manage Your Money by Squirrel Financial Wellbeing

Add Squirrel Functionality

No FSCS protection so be careful. :wink:

(Simon Porter) #3

Wouldn’t it be Barclays providing the FSCS protection as the account is held by them?


No. FSCS protection is provided to individual’s who are direct account holders in their own right. FSCS protection is not provided indirectly to third parties on corporate accounts. You would NOT be covered by FSCS protection.

They may chose to ring fence client funds as per FCS recommendations but that is not the same as FSCS protection.