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Hi, I am being extremely lazy here and not going to the small print. Hoping for a quick answer :smiley:

Are Monzo saving pots with other providers covered through FSCS if Monzo fail or that bank/provider fails or both.

Eg. If the provider fails, does the FSCS step in, or does Monzo?

If Monzo fails does the FSCS step in or does money stay with the provider?


each different provider has their own protections under their own licences…extremely lazy as it was only 4 clicks away in the create a savings pot section , Time management sir - you could have found out with less effort than creating then typing the query :slight_smile:

Monzo and each provider of a savings pot has it’s own FSCS protection and limits, like iansilversides says. You make a claim with FSCS if needed. So, 85k with Monzo, 85k with Charter Savings Bank etc.

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You are prob right. I had to weigh up the possibility that it was more than 4 clicks. I stand by my decision :joy:

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lol I forgot about thinking time as well … :roll_eyes:

To be clear regular pots are just an extension of your Monzo current account. They are not seperate savings accounts. Therefore your main account and any regular pots you may have are all covered by the same FSCS protection (not each pot).

If you have a specific savings pot from an external provider like OakNorth or Paragon, you will also have protection for that pot (or including as many pots from that same provider) separately.


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