Spotify vs Apple Music

Hope it’s included in my EE subscription to Apple Music

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It will be because the only difference is that EE is authenticating you as opposed to your Apple ID.

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Haven’t got this on my Home Screen yet, but it’s already trying to make me swipe through my Release Reader like a TikTok feed.

Used Soundiiz to transfer everything across to Apple Music this morning which worked like a charm.

Interested to see what the recommendations are like on AM vs Spotify.

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Pretty good from experience but way more subtle. I particularly like the “station” though if you’re like me and have a “eclectic” taste then it sometimes goes a bit off track - e.g


Also it takes it’s time but similar artist playlists - a.k.a “Daily mixes” will come, but not straight away

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It’s going to be subjective of course but Apple Music has always been amazing for me. My other half put on “My Station” (essentially Apple Music’s recommendations for you) and it was a good half hour before I realised that it wasn’t my actual music playing because every single tune was a banger to me.


This Friday will be the first ‘For You Mix’ it generates since I transferred my full library and playlists etc. over the weekend, so I’ll keep you all posted! More recently Spotify’s suggestions have been a bit ropey anyway, so I’m ready to be pleasantly surprised.

My taste is very varied indeed, so I’m fully used to auto-generated stations that come out like that. :upside_down_face:

First impressions of AM vs Spotify:


  • Works much better in my car via Audi MMI system as the car ‘expects’ an Apple device via the gizmo I have in the glovebox (full track info, autoplay on power up etc)
  • Works natively with my HomePod. Streams direct, not via AirPlay, so I can just ask Siri to play a certain playlist. I can also now use the handover feature to transfer current playing song to the speaker
  • UI is much more simple, just plays music with no distractions
  • Adding to library/liking songs/adding to playlist are all independent of each other unlike Spotify where liking=adding to library
  • Spatial/Dolby Atmos sound is a fun option to use on certain songs


  • Currently no ‘proper’ local player on Windows. Sure you can use iTunes, but that’s well out of date. But there’s an official AM Windows app arriving imminently
  • If you do actually want audiobooks or podcasts, you’ll need separate apps
  • Nowhere near as many people in the UK use AM vs Spotify, but then I never really used user curated playlists anyway so not an issue for me personally
  • £1 more expensive p/m than Spotify, but then you do get Lossless/Spatial/Dolby included within that fee. Technically AM is cheaper if you have Apple One and were already subscribed to Apple TV and iCloud
  • This is the big one… Your play sessions aren’t linked on AM like Spotify. So my phone has no idea what my PC is playing and will kick out the session if I play a new song, rather than let me control what’s already playing

For PC yes. My Mac and iPhone and Apple TV all know what they are playing. It’s an eco system you have to remember that.


Yeah I get that with features like AirDrop which are (and have always been) Apple specific. But I guess I was surprised the equivalent to Spotify Connect was locked into the walled garden.

Especially as I’m using Apple Music directly on each device. Not like I’m piggybacking through some random 3rd party interface.

I’ll likely be getting a Mac of some description in the next few months, but it’s annoying that my gaming PC won’t sync listening sessions with anything else.

How have you managed to do that? I’ve never managed to start a song on my phone and continue it on the Mac.

To be honest I haven’t done much exchanging. But I’ve played on my Mac and passed to my TV BUT it might be a HomePod thing? I dunno!

I think its handoff, you bring the phone close and I think it should appear on the far right of the task bar or using cmd + tab but I have no had the need to do it, I do handoff to my homepod mini’s though.

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I use handoff a lot. Listening to a podcast on the way home, walk in, tap my phone on my HomePod and it carries on playing.


Yeah I think it works similarly if you go onto your mac and its playing, if the phone is nearby you should get the option.

Apple Music IS coming to the PC - there’s a beta out for it

Get Apple Music - Microsoft Store

Could just be a re-packaged itunes without the iPhone connectivity, but why would you use Apple Music if you have no apple devices to connect to iTunes anyway


I’ve never thought to use handoff in that way before. Thanks

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Of course they build the feature into a piece of hardware that only Apple devices have. :rofl: I’ll stop complaining when I get a Mac in a few months.

Yeah I did note in my post that there was an official Windows app coming soon. But the app you linked is for Xbox only. The actual Windows 10 Official Preview isn’t downloadable anymore (I tried).

But it is supposed to be a proper W10 app, with similar features to the Mac version. Rather than just a newer skin on iTunes. So that’s promising!

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Interested to hear how you get on with this? I didn’t often use Spotify Connect for ‘sending’ music between devices, more for using my phone as a remote control for what was playing on my PC without having to minimize a game or something.

Doesn’t sound like the Apple system can do that part?

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Oh, I perhaps skimmed past that, apologies

It doesn’t work anywhere near as well, strangely. I can’t start a song on my iPad then pick up my phone and control playback. I can start on one and “handoff” between the devices however.

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Would the iTunes Remote app do what you’re looking for?