Spotify vs Apple Music

Not quite sure where else to post this. Never thought I’d see Tim Cook starring alongside Taraji P Henson, that’s for sure. Then again, Octavia Spencer was never on my bingo card either.

Tim must have really wanted to be an actor as a child and is finally getting the opportunities to live his dream, and I’m here for it.

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Me too! I love Tim Cook, he seems (although I’ll bet not in real life) very chill and quite on top of things.


Does anyone use YouTube Music for streaming? i’m thinking of switching from Apple Music. Apple Music is fine, but I’ve never really liked their recommendations… I’ll start playing something i like, and then about four songs later always ends up back at some kind of generic chart music that I hate.

Whereas if I’m using Youtube to watch music videos, their recommendations are always far more in tune with what I like - so would hope it would be the same for their music service.

I’m using it, it works well, but I haven’t used a different one for a few years to really compare it, it doesn’t go back to chart songs but I have a lot of saved music for it to choose from.

I like (some might also be on other apps)

Quarterly rewinds with stats and top 100 playlists etc.

Now has a sleep timer, finally.

Download listened to songs at random for offline, you choose the number/storage usage.

Find a song and press play next ( Spotify adds it to the end of your current queue I believe)

Can add live and remixed song versions from YouTube, which is great for songs not anywhere else.

Stats for nerds is also available like YouTube :slight_smile:

Can quickly switch to the music video of the song you’re listening to, plays it in full HD too, just like YouTube.

Usually has the song release year when you click 3 dots and then credits, I use that to see if I feel as old as I am.

Seems to have more song lyrics than Spotify, even if they don’t all scroll along in sync with the words.

Public comments on songs.

Samples is also good, it’s like Instagram reels for music videos , scroll through suggested short clips from music videos and add the song to your queue or playlist or just play, but I don’t use it often .

Some gripes;
Shuffle tries to be a bit clever and concentrate on recently played songs from a playlist(maybe I’m imagining it)

Sometimes it’s not actually endless music, I’m not sure on the pattern but it can stop playback after 50 or so songs, it’s annoying, I think it’s when you click on a single song and it starts a radio.

It definitely doesn’t seem as feature packed as Spotify but realistically the app is just in the background and playing music and if you go YouTube premium there’s no ads in YouTube which I really like.

I don’t like that I have to sign into my whole Google account to play music, i.e. work computer, so I have it on a separate email, so I don’t leave access to my emails and docs on devices I don’t want to.


Thank you - very detailed and useful. I think I will give it a try

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The full film is out now:

If I had his money and lived in sunny California so would I!


It’s not always all that sunny

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Apple Music Replay 2024 is out now!

Seems like a fairly big update (and retroactive, too) – you now get a monthly breakdown of your listening stats rather than just cumulative.


Seems I listened to a lot more music than I thought last month!

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You’re giving me battery anxiety!

I was on 4.5k minutes in January. Really looking forward to the Feb stats – the only shame is that they make you wait a whole month now rather than Sunday updates.

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I guess I just really like this album.

I found an album that I really liked from an artist/genre I wouldn’t normally listen to. I put 1k+ minutes into it, and now my recommendations are all skewed. Must. Purge. In. February.

This is a surprise

Anyone else think this needs its own thread?

We could have a thread for all the Replays / end of year things but no need for one just for Apple Music.