Splitting Cash Withdrawals into Several Categories 3

I’ve just received my card and used it for the first time :slight_smile: . I see there is a “cash” category. Will you be able to further breakdown cash later on - if you have a vague idea of what you’ve spent it on? And maybe leave what is not re-categorised as simply cash?


If you’re withdrawing cash for a single purpose, you can categorize it already. So you could of course withdraw several amounts separately & categorize each one differently, assuming that you’re going to spend multiples of £10 on something.

But obviously that’s time consuming and you might not know what you want to buy in advance so I’m guessing you’d like to have this feature

The last comment I can find from Hugo on this (quite a while ago) was

So this challenge + the £3k annual withdrawal limit are good reasons to try to avoid withdrawing cash whenever possible…


I’ve been using Monzo for a few weeks now and love it generally. One thing I’ve noticed is the automatic splitting of spending into categories is great, but not perfect. Especially everyting I take out of an ATM as cash…

There are a few things I spend money on regularly (quite large chunks of my monthly spending) and would like to categorise them together, but they are all under “Cash” transactions.

There is already a “custom category” thread elsewhere, so I second that, but would like to be able to “re-assign” individual items to different categories…mainly things withdrawn as cash and sometimes things bundled into General.

Then whenever I spent money that might be a cash ATM withdrawel, or something that gets bundled into “General” I could go into that transaction page and “assign” it to a category.