Create a drinking category alongside 'eating out' and 'entertainment'

So spending too much on solely drinking is definitely something I would like to be able to flag on Monzo using the categories. Currently im split between using entertainment and eating out and the both represent a broader range of things, most of which are more beneficial than just drinking.

I had taken to using a :beer: emoji to tag it but an actual category would work better. I definitely concede this could stray into having too many specific categories and that is not their purpose, but I think eating out and drinking can be different enough to warrant separate categories, especially when using the drinking one could shock and therefore stop you from drinking as much/wasting the money.


I think the challenge here is that the activities that I would categorize as Entertainment or Eating Out often involve drinking too & I find that it’s useful to be able to distinguish between the two. Obviously there will just be nights out when you only drink but it sounds like you want to be able to total up how much you’ve spent on drinking overall.

Adding the :beer: emoji (which is what I do too) seems like a good compromise & enables you to count the number of times you’ve bought alcohol (as long as you only add it to the first transaction of the night), as the total / average spent gets messy when you buy a meal & drink, for example…

Perhaps splitting purchases into multiple transactions (along with the extra category), is the only way to truly solve this problem?

Either way, the categories are being reviewed in a couple of months so now’s the time for suggestions -

Just to keep everything tied together…

There was some more discussion around creating this dedicated category here -

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