Split bill double counting people

When I try to split a bill with a contact who is also a favourite, the checkbox next to their name is selected twice. Once under favourites and once under all contacts. The bill is then split 3 ways and the other person receives 2 payment requests.

If you try to deselect either checkbox both are unticked.

Details to reproduce: Select split this bill. Select a contact who is a favourite.
OS: Android 13 / samsung 5.1
Device: s23 Ultra
App Version: 5.18.0


Also affected by this.

I’ve determined it’s because the contact name doesn’t match the monzo name exactly so you can workaround the issue by updating the contact to match.

Still, this is a recently introduced bug and needs rectifying.

Also me

Same issue! I use bill splits and shared tab all the time and with this same person. I’ve not added a new contact, nothing has changed, but the last 2 days i select one person to split the bill with and monzo automatically selects two contacts which is essentially the same person, and then splits the bill by 3 and not two. I have to manually remove one of the contacts each time.

Also affected.

As is wife’s account.

Just adding my name to the pile - a recent update must have caused this. Didn’t happen before, nothing changed, but now favourite contacts show up twice when splitting a bill.

+1 I hope this gets fixed soon, really annoying!

No issues here. android nightly version.

Has everyone checked to be sure the person’s number isn’t stored twice in their phone? Some phones like to duplicate (home and mobile for example).

Nope, contact is only in the phone once under mobile.

Same issue here, and on my husband’s account too.

Definitely not a duplicate contact in either phone, and was working as expected a week or so ago.

Hey everyone :wave:

Sorry about this!

Our team are taking a look into this just now - update as soon as I have one :pray:


Hi, yeah my gf and i have same issue - i just got a new phone so thought it was my fault, glad to hear its not!

Same for me too - It happened about a week ago just over since the update before last I think :man_shrugging:

Same for me. It started doing this around 2 weeks ago. My wife has the same issue on her phone too.

If I split anything with her, it selects the “contacts” version of her and the “Monzo” version of her, hence it tries to split the bill 3 ways.

Ditto. Example here

I had this as well but it is now back to working normally for me