Favourite contacts

I frequently split bills with my girlfriend when we’re out and about (and sometimes not equally, so we prefer to use ‘split’ rather than share an account). However I always have to scroll down through my contacts to find her, which can be annoying when splitting a day’s worth of shopping. It would be fantastic if I could ‘star’ a contact so that it’ll always appear at the top of the contact list for easy bill splits (or perhaps just a ‘frequently split with…’ section).

If the frequent part of the payments tab showed up when splitting that would make sense, voted!

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this is already a feature on iOS?

I know it’s currently possible to search for contacts when Bill Splitting on iOS, but not on Android.

The only search on Android is the ‘Nearby friends search’ which would possibly be easier for the OP.

You can’t search your list of payees on Android when using the bill split feature.

Even just a normal search on this page rather than the “Search nearby friends” would be more useful.

But being able to set favourite contacts to stickey to the top would also be useful.

Yeah, I split bills with the same people frequently - floating the most recent or frequent to the top would be nice!