Spending pie chart & drinks category

I think it would be good on the spending tab to have a monthly cumulative pie chart. That would inform what you spend most of your money on etc.

Secondly a drinks catogory second to entertainment would be great, in London I’d like to see how much I spend on my chosen poison!

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The categories are due to be reworked so it’s good to see another suggestion for a new category :slight_smile:

While you’re waiting, you could add a :beers: emoji to the notes for your drinks transactions. Then, as long as you only buy drinks in that purchase, you’d be able to see your total spend / average spend (using the search tool). Or if that doesn’t work out, you’ll at least be able to see the number of times you bought drinks each month :see_no_evil:

When pie charts were requested before, this was Hugo’s comment on them -

And Tom’s

personally I agree but obviously this is subjective…

The good news is that once the API’s ready, other developers will be able to build apps that summarise your spending, like Quid’s & they can include as many pie charts as you like :tada:

Thanks for the notes tip! I hadn’t really used the search function but it’s great for making your own catogories.

I don’t use Monzo for rent but I take the point! Thanks!

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Point taken that pie charts are miss leading, however more misleading is using a pie chart icon in the app for spending and not giving the user a pie chart!

Suggestion, change the icon :wink:


Just in case you’re wondering, there’s some more discussion & feedback from the Monzo team on pie charts here -

Ha! Good point :smile:

Being a visual person as a good lot of the community are, i found myself dissapointed that the spending page is displayed as a list rather than as a pie chart, especially as that is the icon. It would be awesome if you could choose between list and chart.



See :monzo: response earlier in this thread:

Hmm. I’m not interested in proportions of spend so a pie chart would be pretty useless (for me) whereas total spend against target on each category is much more important.

Unfortunately one solution doesn’t fit all so I’m glad I’m not the one responsible for delivering an answer to these sorts of problems!