Spate of accounts closed for no apparent reason - particularly worrying

28 LOL your post speaks for it’s self.


So they flagged less than 3 posts that TrustPilot didn’t agree with?

What a gotcha this is.


I worked in a customer care team who manage their trustpilot extremely carefully. And no, there’s no way to just remove negative reviews.

Ones that can be flagged are things that might constitute libel (calling a legitimate business a scam for example), ones that are about a different business, or reviews which aren’t about a genuine experience but it’s few and far between. All flags are checked, you can only flag to TP, you can’t remove yourself no matter how much you pay them to manage your TP profile. Trustpilot’s integrity is very high from our experience.


As above.



rancid unsealed milk would still be better than Huel though


So probably the reviews that say “Monzo are thieves who stole my money and won’t give it back”? One can understand why those would be removed.

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Huel might be gross, but it’s not that gross. Their drinks always taste off too though. Definitely a factory problem, and they need to ditch them. There’s the odd complaint about it every now and then on their community pretty much ever since they launched, but they go ignored.

Most of them will be stuff like that, yes. It’s one thing to report your experience, it’s another to accuse a business of criminal activity - as you say the reason those are removed is pretty obvious. There does seem to be a fine line, some things are accepted that look a lot like defamation to me, but trustpilot has it’s own standards which they stick to.

Their powdered shake thing was ok but I got the huel hot meal stuff and I couldn’t even finish one portion. Ended up giving it all away

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