Sparking joy: joining up Monzo features that don't play well with each other

Plus/Premium users when initiating open banking transfer money, one doesn’t see the connected account balance which was just there on the previous screen. Requires mental fortitude to remember how much was available, if one wants to transfer all but a specific amount to Monzo.


Images assigned to our payees that stick and show in transaction feed., not revert to letter :man_facepalming:


Joining up Premium and Plus with Joint Accounts would be on my list :sunglasses:


On sparking joy, I really appreciate merchant logos, ability to search entire account, and ability to add notes to transactions. These are features you generally still don’t get (at least not to the same degree) at traditional banks.

On joining up features that don’t play well with each other - editing the notes field on bank transfer transactions currently also leads to modification of the bank transfer reference field. This really, really shouldn’t happen. It’s inappropriate (reference field should be read only after a transaction has taken place), and does the opposite of sparking joy!

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One I’ve noticed for a while but just got reminded of today.

Would love to be able to save a multi-category split on a recurring transaction.

Monzo has the smarts to recognise and track a recurring transaction and to remember one category for it - if it could just remember more than one and the according split, that would be lovely :kissing_heart::ok_hand:


Another one that I’ve just been reminded of from another thread:

This is on the Scheduled bit of the Payments tab. You can set up a new scheduled payment but you have to enter details from scratch - you can’t select an existing payee.


Thing is this kind of thing already exists in the FMCG space - there’s a company called BrandBank which is the primary source of image + product data syncing between Brand / Manufacturer and a retailers Website.

Any time you load up an image of a product (and sometimes the product metadata) on Tesco / Sainsburies / Other Big Boy Supermarket, that image will have been sourced by Brand Bank.

So the concept exists - in this case you have to pay to play in the BrandBank ecosystem - which is where I imagine things will fail. But yeh.


And on my own thoughts on the topic;

  • Scheduled Payments to Joint Accounts - I have a lovely payment interface to send money directly to my joint account. The fact that I can’t automagically pick my joint account as a scheduled transfer I do not understand.

  • GSheets and [Variety of Features]:
    Flex - once you flex anything you’re GSheets is immediately and forever out of sync, as far as I can tell. It won’t account for any interest payments, (which is the bit that breaks the GSheets), and from what I can tell, you can’t suss out your balance in anyway.
    VFlex - Like the above, BUT WORSE. You get no reference of your initial transaction when you VFlex, only the first installment. So even then it’s pretty impossible to back calaculat.e
    – (And on both, the meta data that is associated with your transaction lacks any form of consistency to filter out meaningful info)
    –e.g. - in your Flex repayment, if you have more than two things flexed, it will say “[Vendor 1], [Vendor 2]. and X more” in your description.
    Loans Also don’t show your interest in GSheets, nor do Savings Pots so there is a very good chance your data is not accurate.


  1. rethink the associated metadata with transaction info in GSheets transfer.
  2. rethink the function and outcome of the GSheets connection -and transform it into an Account Ledger - any movement in, out, shaken all about, should be referenced.
  3. That could allow not only for interest bearing parts of your account to be referenced, but also flex, and I assume in the future connected accounts too under one global ledger.

A master feed and the ability to split the bill on non-Monzo transactions would be a game-changer for me.

At the moment I’m having to manually request money for any non-Monzo spending, whereas if I spend X on my AMEX and want half back from my partner it would be good to be able to select the AMEX transaction and split the bill in the same way as I can with a Monzo transaction. In theory this would make trends much more useable for me as I wouldn’t have to manually split categories etc as Monzo could do this for me.


+1 for this


If you’ve flexed after the fact then you can get a balance owed, but maybe not as easily if there’s interest. I’ve only done things over three months.

VFlex = no use.

Which means from now on, I’ll flex afterwards but it’s the messy solution, and like you say, how it does the payments for multiple flexes is very messy.


Ah yeh I should say “Flex with Interest” on that one - good catch.

Basically Interest breaks sheets :frowning:

Here’s a little thing to spark joy

On the transfer to/from pots screen, the value on the left is the balance of your main account but the value on the right is the amount you’re putting into the pot.

It would be smarter if the value of both of them changed as you vary the amount you’re putting in or taking out of the pot.

Ignore me for I am an idiot (and it works that way already).


Changes to Flex with Open Banking incoming :eyes:

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Strange it’s in the app isn’t it? I thought it would be a backend thing that could just be done remotely.

Edit: I was assuming that this was about exposing the Monzo flex account via open banking. But what if it’s being able to flex a transaction on a connected account? :thinking::star_struck:




Things that will spark my joy:

Pot- Pot Transfers. Why does this not exist already?

Transfer tab where i move money in/out out pots is pointless (see screen grab). I thought i wasnt using it correctly but had Monzo look at it & they said it was fine.

Bacs payments from pots. (I know its not possible as virtual cards/pots arnt accounts but…)
I have a cat pot. Out of that comes pet insurance, medication, food, litter, toys etc etc. however when it comes to paying the cat sitter i have to transfer money out of the pot & into main account & then pay.
Its messys with my pretty feed & upsets me :rofl:

A “frequently used” or “favourites” category. Atm it shows custom & default. I have to scroll all to the bottom each time to select eating out. Why cant it just be at the top?

Agree with the get paid early, its very annoying & breaks the budgeting tool.

Anywhooo, thats my moaning moan. I hope to have my joy sparked soon :rofl:


And while we’re ranting about Pots - why can’t I edit a repeating payment into/out of a Pot? I have to delete the stupid thing then set it up again.

Also pubs are too busy these days.


+1 for this!


This is the image I have in my head of this thread btw.