Monzo, we need to talk about Payments, Payees and the Payments Tab!

We need to talk about the Payments Tab.

We had a thread to vote on potential improvements, but it became a bit nebulous and was closed:

So I thought it would be useful to have a place to bring together the various issues - and to point to specific topics to vote on potential improvements.

So what’s wrong?

  1. I’m not convinced that a tab is the right approach. The tab is only for money going in and out of the main account. Pot transfers are under the cards on the carousel and you can move money from (but not too) connected accounts from their cards, too. It’s a bit of a mess.

  2. The difference between frequent, recent and all payees is confusing. There are four ways of paying someone: tapping Pay Someone, tapping Payees, and then via the Frequent and Recent sections. The interface is confusing and could do with a tidy up.

  3. The scheduled tab isn’t clear, isn’t well ordered and doesn’t show references. Goodness me, where to start? 1) The Scheduled payments and standing orders section is in alphabetical not chronological order - it’d be super helpful to be able to sort them to see when they’re up next (or were last out); 2) It doesn’t show references and (as I have a bunch of payments to other accounts) I just see my name, the amount and the date - that’s not helpful - I need to see the reference, and maybe the account details; 3) the Subscriptions and direct debits section doesn’t show what are direct debits and what are card payments - I want to easily see which one is which.

  4. “Add Scheduled Payment” doesn’t let you choose an existing payee or pot. This one frequently catches me out. Instead of letting you add a new scheduled payment to an existing contact (or even to/from a pot) you have to enter bank details from scratch. Or go back to the payments tab and make it scheduled from there. Basic but very annoying.

  5. The Shared tab is just dialled in, isn’t it? For a ‘social’ feature, a blank white screen seems a bit like doing the absolute basics. How about sprucing it up a bit? And perhaps initiate a payment request from here, rather than (or in addition to) the main payments screen?

  6. The design isn’t consistent with the rest of the app. The top of the screen gives the impression that you’d be able to select an account/pot to transfer from, but when I tap it I only get the main current account. Disappointing. But more importantly, it looks a bit like an alpha version of the Trends tab. If we have to keep the payments tab, can it look consistent, please?

  7. We’re still not quite there on contacts. We can now (just about) combine contacts. But it’s painful (it’s still not clear to me which one gets nuked).

  8. Favourite contact names aren’t used on the feed. Imagine your name for a contact is like the merchant name. You can update merchant names and data, but can’t do that for contacts. It seems a bit silly that this doesn’t propagate to the feed (you’d need to see the original name too, though, a bit like you can with the original merchant/card data).

  9. Favourites don’t do anything. We can tick a box to say a payee is a favourite. It doesn’t seem to change anything. What am I missing?

  10. Contacts can’t be given a picture. The signs are that this is coming but it ain’t there yet.

  11. We should be able to remove contacts from recents / frequents. A friend was complaining that his ex is still displayed in both of them - he really doesn’t need to be reminded.

I’m sure there are things I’ve missed. Basically, I think the whole thing just needs a huge overhaul.

Who’s with me?

  • Yes! We demand change.
  • No! Leave it alone, it’s all okay.

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Thoughts and comments below please! And I’ll make the post below a wiki to link to specific payments related improvement ideas in the Feedback & Ideas category to vote on - do add your own!


If you’ve seen or started a voting topic for anything relevant, whack it below (this is a wiki so should be editable if your trust level is high enough):

Sort scheduled payments into date order

See payments reference under scheduled payments and standing orders

Distinguish between subscriptions and direct debits on payments tab

Add scheduled payment should let you choose an existing payee

Use your specified contact name on the Feed

Add photo to Payee

Remove payees from recent / frequent lists

iOS specific - edit scheduled pot transfers

Pot to Pot transfers.

Paym support

Scheduled withdrawal from interest paying pot should arrive in current account on day of scheduled withdrawal

Setup standing orders with set amount of payments

Recurring international transfers

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Bruh. It’s my second most used tab.


If we accept that the tab stays, is everything in it really all okay?

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I generally think it’s fine tbh. It’s certainly in the best state it’s ever been in my view. That’s not to say there’s no room for improvement or the payments experience couldn’t be made better though.

I’m certainly open to seeing some concepts, But to justify getting rid of the tab I use the most after the Home tab, it’s gonna need to be something truly great that I can get to just as quickly!

But as is, I think there are a few other areas of the app more in need of a rethinking than the payments tab!

Maybe it ties into it, but the whole pot management and managing payments into and out of those are quite a bit infuriating to me. Rather than using pots as an example of what’s wrong for payments, I’d suggest the payments tab highlights what’s wrong with the way we manage pot transfers.


Same I would far rather they worked on trends tbh.

Summary used to be the main reason I loved Monzo, now they’ve gotten rid of everything it did from the free account and the page is just a load of advert links for Monzo premium. It doesn’t even need a tab in its current state it’s so unhelpful.

Dunno if they will ever fix this for non-premium users though.


I think this is a bit of a misreading! I don’t think that either are particularly good (especially pot transfers) and both need a bit of love.


I like some of the specific refinement ideas, but overall I’m fairly happy with the Payments tab.


I have to be honest and say for me the payments tab is just fine. It’s actually the best one I’ve seen across any bank I’ve had accounts for, now.

I’d rather they focused on merging summary and trends.




Payments tab probably can be tweaked but the tab to remove is the Premium tab :expressionless:

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I don’t use that tab much, but I like having everything i’m paying for centralised somewhere I can find it. I think it’d probably work best replacing the gift icon on the Home tab. Or adding a new list of things to the swipe down list. I’d prefer it replace the icon, but honestly, that could just be more to do with the fact I want that icon gone as opposed to actually wanting something else there.

Of all the things that need work, this isn’t it.

These are “nice to have” but shouldn’t be a priority. 17 threads about it might help though!


I think that Starling’s is quite a bit better, to be honest. But I know that that’s personal taste.

I get the preference on where to allocate effort, I really do.

Two thoughts on that:

a) I don’t know what’s happened to Monzo. Are they unable or unwilling to improve things? Do they think the app is done? What’s happened to their development velocity? Why are we in a situation where we’re unwilling as a community to think about wider improvement because we’re worrying about the paucity of resources for customer focused changes?

b) by highlighting this stuff, I’m not trying to take away from anyone else’s priority. Transparency being the best disinfectant and all that, I just wanted to highlight where things could do better.

Someone’s grumpy because they’ve had their RSPCA subscription cancelled!


Probably nothing, it’s probably mostly allocated to things that aren’t:

  • New functionality (ie. Improvements to flex)
  • Visible to all users (ie. chat workflow improvements)

One thing that would be a massively useful feature for me would be a way to move money in/out of/between pots from the payments tab instead of having to do it pot by pot. Chase do a good job with a) a page for moving between accounts, and b) letting you pick an source for bank transfers instead of having to move money into the main account


One of the most voted for, hopefully it appears at some point.

If you could pick the source and the destination, that would be dreamy if it included linked accounts too.


Thank you, voted!

One thing I’ve done a few times is transfer money from my joint account to whoever I’m paying, rather than my personal account.

Maybe it’s just me not paying attention, but payments tab top left shows my card, so I know which is which, but once I’ve tapped someone to pay, it’s not so clear. Only showing my balance at the top, which sometimes is enough to know, but not always.


I like a central place but not the central button in the whole app. Something like a section when I click on my profile or the like.