Sous Vide Thread


Anyone use a Sous Vide for cooking (ANOVA or otherwise.)?

Favourite thing you’ve cooked in it?

My fave is chicken breasts, dark soy sauce, garlic granules, salt and pepper. 150F temp for an hour, comes out perfect!


Probably these:


Ooh brilliant. It seems like all my favourite things have a thread here.

I have a Joule ( - it’s a lovely dinky device and the app has loads of recipe too. It also comes with a “perfect cook” guide where you set the cook level you want and thickness of meat etc and it does it perfectly.

One of my favourite things to do is Poached Eggs - 75oC for 11 minutes - and the white comes out lovely and set, but the yolk silky and smooth.

Steak is the main thing I cook in it - perfect for edge-to-edge doneness - and then seared in a cast iron pan.

Next thing I want to do is some beef for a steak and ale pie - thinking cooking the beef sealed with some ale for a while but not sure the best way to do it.


Do you use a proper vacuum sealing thing to put things in bags for cooking in the sous vide, or do you use ziploc bags?

Ziplocs for me, just make sure I get the air out.

I’m tempted by the proper bags. Would be interested in people’s experiences with them.

Never even thought to try poached eggs, now I cant wait for the weekend!

I just cooked a full Turkey Breast fillet for lunch. Put in garlic butter, chilli flakes and smoked sea salt in with it and cooked it for 3 hours at 145.

Couldn’t resist trying some as I packed it up and oh my I’ll be doing that again!

This is the guide I followed - lots of useful advice generally here anyway.

(Although simple recipe. Put egg in water… wait)

On the vacuum bags - I would recommend getting one if you want to store anything prior to cooking, or do any really long SV cooks, or high temp ones.

I picked up the Amazon Basics one for £25 at the time and its worked perfectly. Great for freezing without freezer burn and can just be dropped into a hot water bath.

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never knew you could get sous vide for home

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Ziplock here

This could now become my favourite thread, sorry :monzo:

I have had a water circulator (sous vide wand) at home for the last 3 years, recently moved from Anova to Joule (Chef Steps) best move I made.

I agree with the poached eggs and so much less effort goes into them that the usual method.

Best thing I have cooked so far is a forerib of beef which I did for Christmas this year and then finished on the BBQ (Big Green Egg), turned out so well!!

Chef Steps also have a great recipe for easy hollandaise sauce cooked Sous Vide method.


Would it be worth me getting one? I decide to be vegetarian last year.
I enjoy cooking and experiment with my slow cooker so figure this could be a new toy. Has anyone cooked anything vegetarian meal wise, how did it turn out?


I would say it is worth it, especially if you enjoy cooking in general.

Here are some recipe ideas if you do decide to get one:

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Can someone explain what a sous vide is, please?

Cooking food in sealed bags immersed in water for longer period of time at highly accurate temperate.

Rather than cooking a chicken breast at 170c for 20mins in the oven you would do it at 67c for around an hour. Means it cooks evenly without overcooking and retains moisture


There’s a nice video here that explains it quite well (although @glasgow’s comment was spot on).

Basically if you like Gadgets, Food, Mixing Electronics and Water - and have a bit of patience, Sous Vide could be the hobby for you!


Here’s another video that does a quicker job of explaining it:


Are the bags you cook the food in reusable? Don’t want to create more plastic waste


Zip-locs are reusable and also recyclable and I believe the thicker vacuum seal bags are reusable also.