Sony demonstrates PS5 performance for the first time

It’s sounding very impressive, but it won’t be released in the next 12 months. Still some life in the PS4 yet, but I don’t think I’ll bother getting a PS4 Pro, I’ll just hold out for the PS5.


I tend to skip the v1 release and jump straight to mid–life upgrade. Slim to Pro.

They were very cagey about pricing in their first interview about the PS5 and the comments in this piece about early adopters and the PS4 having a profitability life-cycle of a further 3 years leads me to believe the launch price of the 5 is going to be very high.

Might start a pot in Monzo for it already…

And let’s not forget how expensive the PS3 was at launch…

I’ve already started a Monzo pot for the PS5. It’s empty rn, but at least I’ve started the process…!

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Still not as good as my gaming pc. Lol