Solved: Unable to edit amount when moving money

Unable to manually edit increments when moving money between pots. Keyboard comes up to input custom amount but doesn’t respond as expected and the add to pot button is greyed out.

Details to reproduce:
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Going to need these filling in to help identify the issue etc


If it’s greyed out, have you got the amount in the balance? If you’re trying to transfer more than you have that’ll be the reason

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On my Huawei android phone, I have to tap the amount, backspace delete, type in my amount, then swipe gesture for back button, and the bar at the bottom then goes blue for me to proceed.

Awkward process, but only way I can do it without using the “scheduled payment” feature and setting the date for today.

See if that helps.

Solved it. You have to click the area shown after editing amount. The add to pot then ungreys and works